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VideoGames & Computer Entertainment Issue 44

ISSUE: 44Content


  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Sega/JVC Wondermega (overseas coverage)
  • Sega/IBM TeraDrive PC (overseas coverage)
  • SNK Neo Geo
  • Atari Lynx
  • Macintosh
  • PC
  • Amiga
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM Player
  • NEC PC Engine Duo (overseas coverage; the eventual TurboDuo)
  • arcade


(This is the first issue of VG&CE following the Katz/Kunkel/Worley departure to reboot Electronic Games. You'll notice some changes, though nothing extremely earth-shattering. You'll find more expo/preview coverage in lieu of the more traditional survey articles, the Game Doctor's Q&A column has been replaced by a less flamboyant, uncredited "Q&A" section, the news has been compiled by David Moskowitz, and "Inside Gaming" has apparently evolved into a guest insider voicebox column.)

FEATURES (Contents page excerpts; bullet lists added)

Tokyo Toy Show Report by Mike Davila ('The 1992 Tokyo Toy Show Report')

Japan is usually the proving grounds for hardware and software that could eventually make its way to the U.S. Preview all the latest video-game innovations that we might or might not see here.

Searching For The Dark World: A Player's Guide To Zelda III, Part 1 by Clayton Walnum (SNES; 'Searching For The Dark World: A Player's Guide to Zelda, A Link to the Past')

Dozens of hours of new adventuring await us in this extraordinary quest. Venture this month with us as we explore Hyrule and the first three palaces.

The 1992 Consumer Electronics Show Recap by David S. Moskowitz with John Schnyder

This summer's CES ws the first show ever open to the general public. Join the VG&CE staff in surveying all the exciting new software that was on display.

  • Nintendo Leads War on Crowds & Prices
  • SNES Showdown: Super Star Wars vs. Street Fighter II
  • Sega Showcases CD
  • VG&CE's Secret Lynx Showing
  • Acclaim Licensees: Alien 3 to X-Men
  • Data East's Sleeper Successes
  • TurboGrafx Draws Crowd - Stays Competitive
  • Psygnosis Strong on CDs
  • Go to War with Jaleco
  • Barbie Hypes Hi-Tech
  • Konami Strong on Superheroes
  • Accolade's Atari Classics
  • Sierra Goes to Krondor and On-Line
  • British Strategy Master Impressions Meets America
  • Disney Creates Mad Scientist Simulation
  • Maxis Dives into Fishtanks and Evolutionary Streams
  • Origin Models Mercenary Life
  • Novalogic Digitizes Satellite Scenery
  • Electronic Arts Goes Athletic
  • SSI Revises Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Line
  • Virgin Showcases CD Stunner: 7th Guest
  • Microprose & Paragon Highlight Humor and hall of Fame Game Designers
  • January 1993 - We'll Be There

Getting Into The Game: An Exclusive Look at Nick Arcade by Andy Eddy

VG&CE Executive Editor Andy Eddy travels to Florida to check out Nickelodeon Studios' Interactive video-game show.


Video-Game Reviews

  • Dungeon Master (SNES)
  • Taz-Mania (Gen)
  • Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (NES)
  • Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (TG16)
  • King Salmon (Gen)
  • DinoCity (SNES)
  • Andro Dunos (NeoGeo)
  • Side Pocket (Gen)
  • WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge (NES)
  • Ka-Blooey (SNES)
  • The Terminator (Gen)
  • Adventure Island III (NES)
  • Splash Lake (TG16CD)
  • King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing (NeoGeo)

Gaming On the Go by Chris Bieniek (portable game reviews)

  • Roger Clemens MVP Baseball (GB)
  • R.C. Grand Prix (GG)
  • Kung Food (Lynx)
  • Tom & Jerry (GB)
  • Marble Madness (GG)
  • Steel Talons (Lynx)

Seven's The Charm: A VG&CE Exclusive Preview of Wizardry VII by David S. Moskowitz ('Seven's The Charm: Sir-Tech and Wizardry Return to Greatness - A VG&CE Exclusive Preview of Wizardry - Crusaders of the Dark Savant')

It has been 11 years since the original Wizardry was published. Join David as he takes an exclusive look at the latest epic in RPG gaming.

Computer-Game Reviews

  • Darkseed (PC)
  • Mutant Beach (Mac)
  • Pinball Dreams (Amiga/PC)
  • Global Effect (Amiga/PC)
  • Aquaventura (Amiga)
  • Crisis in the Kremlin (PC)
  • Road & Track Presents Grand Prix Unlimited (PC)
  • Gateway (PC)
  • Gods (Amiga/PC)
  • Hong Kong Mahjong Pro (PC)
  • Wolfenstein 3-D (PC)


Editor's Letter by Andy Eddy

Reader Mail

Tip Sheet by Chris Bieniek (Sponsored by Sears Funtronics)

  • Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (arcade)
  • Mission Impossible (NES)
  • The Immortal (Gen)

News Bits compiled by David Moskowitz

  • Konami Establishes Hint Line
  • Broderbund to Buy PC Globe
  • FBI Raids Software Pirates
  • Sears to Open Nintendo Displays
  • Atari Lowers Price of Lynx Software
  • Judge Upholds Galoob's Right to Manufacture Game Genie
  • Compuserve Drops Wolfenstein 3-D
  • Maxis Launches BBS
  • Top Coin-Ops for May 1992
  • Nintendo and Sega to Lower 16-Bit System Prices
  • Sunsoft to Produce Looney Tunes Games
  • Hudson Soft Publishes Guidebook to Limit Game Play
  • Top IBM PC Games for April 1992
  • Capcom Fights Counterfeit Street Fighter II
  • TTI Lowers Hardware Prices

Easter Egg Hunt

  • Street Fighter II (SNES)
  • Mike Ditka Power Football (Gen)
  • Awesome Golf (Lynx)
  • The Guardian Legend (NES)
  • Q*Bert (GB)
  • Sengoku (NeoGeo)
  • MLBPA Sports Talk Baseball (Gen)
  • It Came From the Desert (TG16CD)
  • OutRun (Gen)
  • Steel Empire (Gen)

Inside Gaming - Entertainment: The Next Generation by Daron Stinnett

(Excerpt:) Each month, Inside Gaming will be a behind-the-scenes sounding board of what's taking place within the electronic-gaming community.

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COVER (Contents page excerpt)

Once the best-selling game for the Atari ST computer, Dungeon Master has inspired several clone games. Turn to page 38 for a full review of the new Super NES version by JVC. Cover Art: Mike Wepplo

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    Title: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment Issue 44
    Month: September
    Year: 1992
    Publisher: Larry Flynt Publications
    Editor: Andy Eddy
    Pages: 120
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 1

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