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Videogaming Illustrated Issue 10

ISSUE: 10Content


Texas Instruments TI99/4A
Atari VCS - 2600
Atari computers
Apple computers
Atari 5200


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents with select article taglines and/or excerpts (noted in quotes) included. (Notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)


An Editorial. (by June Davis)

Eye On

From voice synthesis to voice controllers - hear the latest! (news section; column headlines:)

  • Let's Hear It! (voice technology in videogames; Odyssey, Intellivision, Atari Voice Controller, Coleco KidVid module for Gemini)
  • Kidding Around (kid friendly games planned for 2600, 5200, Intellivision; many games mentioned, those detailed:)
    • Cookie Monster Munch (2600)
    • Alpha Beam with Ernie (2600)
    • Big Bird's Egg Catch (2600)
    • Dumbo's Flying Circus (2600)
    • Donald Duck's Speedboat (2600)
    • Sorcerer's Apprentice (2600)
    • Miss Piggy's Wedding (2600)
    • Pigs In Space (2600)
    • Krull (2600)
    • Road Runner (5200)
    • Sports Goofy (5200)
  • Videogames To Go (new tabletop stand-alones from Parker Brothers, Nintendo)
  • Carry A Big Stick (upcoming joysticks and joystick accessories)
  • Lap Dogs (Joystick Stand and Fastball Control Knob; Stick Station)
  • Videogames In Flight (Canadian Pacific Airlines offers in-flight videogame rentals)
  • In The Foot (TI99/4A news - TI reports $250 million loss; MBX voice recognition system; TI implementing lock-out licensing restrictions; Romox developing licensing work-around; upcoming software from Imagic and Emerald Valley Publishing; 300 baud modem)
  • Temptation (Apple credit card)
  • Salvos From Sunnyvale (Atari computer news - 48K expansion kit for Atari 400; Microtronics Joytyper Atari 400 keyboard upgrade; Light Pen, Touch Tablet; external microprocessor upgrade; Atari Expansion Box; AtariWriter word processor; Atari Writing System (600XL, printer, AtariWriter bundle))
  • Work Hard, Play Hard (upcoming games for Apple, PC, TI99/4A, VIC-20, C64,TRS-80, Atari computers)
  • The Next Voice You Hear (Periphonics' developing phone menu system)
  • Taxing Program (Tax Command income tax computer program)


New games from Avalon Hill and Sega's Star Trek reviewed. (console videogame reviews, most with box art and screenshot; includes 'Little Games Lost' sidebar (discussing Sega's decision to dump Sub Scan and Tac-Scan))

  • Sub Scan (2600)
  • Tac-Scan (2600)
  • Moonsweeper (2600)
  • Miner 2049er (2600)
  • Q*bert (2600)
  • Name This Game (2600)
  • Ghost Manor (2600)
  • Spike's Peak (2600)
  • Star Trek (2600)
  • London Blitz (2600)
  • Death Trap (2600)
  • Sports Illustrated Wall Ball (2600)
  • Vectron (Int)
  • Hardware Preview (Xonox double-ender concept)

Focus On: Uncensored Videogames

If ever erotic videogames had a chance to enter the market quietly and with minimum resistance, three games bearing the Mystique label scuttled those chances forever. ('Are Adults Ruining It For The Rest Of Us?' by Tim Moriarty; discussion commentary regarding "X-rated" video games; includes 'Shell Game' sidebar discussing game developer Playaround and their connection to AMI; includes photo section discussing CES "booth babes;" games mentioned, already released or in development:)

  • Custer's Revenge (2600)
  • Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em (2600)
  • Bachelor Party (2600)
  • X-Man (2600)
  • The Rescue of Emmanuelle
  • Harem
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • Heartbreak
  • Frisky Tom (arcade)

VIP: Gloria Steinem and Lindsay Van Gelder

Two famous feminists discuss women, computers and games. "Two of the country's prominent feminists discuss women and computers, women and the computer industry, videogames (X-Rated and otherwise), competition and computerphobia." ('Videogaming Illustrated Profile: Gloria Steinem & Lindsay Van Gelder;' Interviews conducted by June Davis)

Arcadia: The Perils of Pixel-ated Paulines

The role of women in the industry: are we still in the dark ages? (by Richard Meyers; the issue of 'damsels in distress' in videogames)


Install a pause button in your Atari joystick without delay! ('Freeze! Install Your Own Pause Button Without Delay' by Bob Guerra; DIY; modify standard 2600 joystick to include a pause button, compatible with those games which use the console Color/B&W switch for pause)

Championship Videogaming

Our readers provide player's tips on Dragon's Lair, Star Wars and more. (reader submitted game strategies and trivia; usually addendums to game guides published in prior issues; this issue:)

  • Dragonstomper
  • Tron
  • Carnival
  • Mad Planets
  • Tempest
  • Dragon's Lair
  • Dig Dug
  • Star Wars
  • Mappy
  • Frenzy


All the help you'll need to keep the Mario Brothers from going down the drain. ('Conquering Mario Brothers' by Randy Palmer; arcade; game overview and strategy)

Golden Pons

A perplexing crossword puzzle and word search are waiting to bedevil you.


Strategy tips on Star Wars, Food Fight, Buck Rogers and more. (duo of articles:)

  • Conquering Star Wars (by Randy Palmer; arcade; game overview and strategy)
  • Conquering Crystal Castles (by Randy Palmer; arcade game strategies for the following:)
  • Crystal Castles
  • Scramble
  • Tempest
  • Food Fight
  • Black Widow
  • Buck Rogers

Behind the Scenes

Are videogames works of art and thus deserving of copyright protection? ('In The Eye Of The Beholder - Videogames As Art' by Stephen Bent)

Chip Ahoy

An all-too-brief glimpse at upcoming video and computergames. (image Gallery with detailed caption commentary; screenshots)


Praise and damnation from our readers. (letters column)


Reviews of new strategy and arcade-style computergames. (computer game reviews:)

  • Lode Runner (Apple II)
  • Old Ironsides (Apple II)
  • Mystery Message (PC)
  • Apple Cider Spider (Apple)


Computer graphics in the home and in the professional studios. ('Computer Graphics' by Dale W. Rupert)

Focus On: Questing Games

A new wave of videogames provide incentives other than point accumulation. ('From Altruism To Avarice: Questing Games' by Robert J. Sodaro)

Video Victor (comic strip)

You Read It Here First (comical game ideas and concepts publicly proposed by the Videogaming Illustrated staff)

  • Flab Attack
  • Rat Race
  • Home Maker
  • Doomsday: April 15
  • Swinging Singles

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    Title: Videogaming Illustrated Issue 10
    Month: October
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: ION International Inc.
    Editor: Jeff Rovin
    Pages: 86
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    Country: United States
    Language: English
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