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Videogaming Illustrated Issue 13

ISSUE: 13Content


Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (news coverage)
Atari VCS - 2600 - Supercharger
Atari computers - 400 - 800 - 1200
Atari 5200
Commodore 64
Commodore VIC-20
Apple computers - IIe - Lisa - Macintosh (news coverage)


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents with select article taglines and/or excerpts (noted in quotes) included. (Notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

(Videogaming Illustrated introduces another cover title change this issue, now referring to itself as 'Video and Computer Gaming Illustrated.')


Science fiction writer Raymond Gallun ponders the future of our computer-influenced culture, guided by the example of Baum's Tin Woodman. ('An Editorial by Raymond Z. Gallun')

Eye On

New games, new hardware... and the headlong flight of Texas Instruments. (news section; column headlines:)

  • Laser Beams (LaserDisc and traditional arcade games)
  • Names Of The Games (upcoming home videogames)
  • Schwinn 2600 (Suncom Aerobics Joystick, Joy Sensor, Snapper ColecoVision controller add-on,Starfighter joystick)
  • The Big Chill (Activision's Frostbite PR)
  • Software Star (Sirius Software developer profile, upcoming games)
  • Lonesome Cowboy (Texas Instruments exits computer business, clearances hardware)
  • Guide Almighty (computer Quick Reference Guides)
  • Necessary Evil (math education software)
  • Lisa's Child (Sierra's Homeword word processing software)
  • Apple News (Apple sales woes, McIntosh (Macintosh) planned, software news)
  • Camp Runaprogram (National Computer Camps overview)
  • Correction (VSS Inc. address correction)
  • Christmas Booties (upcoming computer games)


E.C. Meade and Jim Clark review the latest videogames. (console videogame reviews, most with box art and/or screenshot)

  • Party Mix (2600 with Supercharger)
  • Popeye (Int)
  • Pressure Cooker (2600)
  • K-Razy Shoot-Out (5200)
  • Slither (Col)
  • Joust (2600)
  • Micro Takes (capsule reviews):
  • Battlezone (5200)
  • Pengo (5200)
  • Victory (Col)

Computereyes: IBM's PCjr

It may not be the ideal unit for the home, but IBM's new lower-cost computer has been big news ever since the rumors started five and more months ago. ('The Peanut Comes Out Of Its Shell' by Steve Springer)

Focus On: Predictions '84

We wouldn't recommend that you bet your life savings on the outcome of our predictions; we simply invite you to read and enjoy. With new technologies on the horizon and continuing cut-throat competition, it looks to be a wild year. (by Tim Moriarty; includes 'Home Robots In 1984' section by Barbara Krasnoff)

VIP: Steve Kitchen

An interview with Activision designer/programmer Steve Kitchen - the creator of the gorgeous and absorbing space flight simulation, Space Shuttle. ('Videogaming Illustrated Profile: Steve Kitchen;' Interview conducted by Robert J. Sodaro)

Championship Videogaming

VCI once again scours the arcades for the latest strategy tips. (reader submitted game strategies and trivia; usually addendums to game guides published in prior issues; includes 'Popularity Poll' sidebar (Top 10 most popular games); game tips this issue:)

  • Mario Brothers
  • Space Duel
  • Millipede
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Battle Zone


Luminaries of the sceince (sic) fiction field discuss the wide-open future of arcades. ('The Arcade of the Future - A Plethora of Opinions Edited by Richard Meyers;' brief commentary from the following:)

  • Gregory Benford
  • Vincent Di Fate
  • Gordon R. Dickson
  • Gardner Dozois
  • Philip Jose Farmer
  • Spider Robinson

Print Out

Bernhardt Hurwood Looks at Books (this article is not listed in this issue's TOC; book reviews:)

  • Writing In The Computer Age by Andrew Fluegelman & Jeremy Joan Hewes
  • Electronic Life, How to think about computers by Michael Crichton

Meet The Original Joust (by Steven Bent; this article is not listed in this issue's TOC; inspirations for Joust in mythology, entertainment and culture)


Randy Palmer provides keen strategy tips on Space Duel, Discs of Tron & more. ('Conquering: Space Duel;' Arcade Strategy Tips By Randy Palmer)

  • Space Duel
  • Discs Of Tron
  • Roc-N-Rope
  • Motorace USA


The controversial 5200 controllers; an inside look from a hearty soul who's been there and back. ('The Atari 5200 Controller - The Inside View' by William Sommerwerck)

Video Victor (comic strip)


Reflective of the magazine they read, our readers are opinionated and outspoken. (letters column)

Word Processors

The first step in acquiring a word processor is... buying a home computer! ('The Novice's Guide to Word Processors' by Bernhardt J. Hurwood)


Hard-hitting reviews of the latest software. (computer game reviews)

  • Suspended (C64 disk)
  • Shamus: Case II (400,800,1200 disk,cassette,cart)
  • Creepy Corridors (VIC20)

Close Up: The Strategic Scenario

There are a few games available that allow the player to compete, not merely against the computer, but against a real person... and use brainpower! (by Leonard Herman)

Computereyes: The Golden Gateway

In the not-too-distant future, it may be possible to place computer chips in the human skull, to project our consciousness into a machine and control it from within. (by David Ritchie)

You Read It Here First

Can't get enough of Star Trek? Bogus new Star Trek videogames are previewed!

  • I'm A Doctor, Jim!
  • Kirk And The Odd Crewman
  • Spock's Brain

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    Title: Videogaming Illustrated Issue 13
    Month: January
    Year: 1984
    Publisher: ION International Inc.
    Editor: Jeff Rovin
    Pages: 84
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    Country: United States
    Language: English
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