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Vidiot Issue 2

ISSUE: 2Content


  • Atari 2600 - VCS
  • Atari 5200
  • ColecoVision
  • Intellivision
  • arcade


(The following based on content page excerpts with bullet lists and (notes) added for clarity.)


Mike Ronson is a Vidiot
(one page; photo w/caption - guitarist Mike Ronson posing with a Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet.)

The Rockets Are Vidiots!
(one page; photo w/caption - band Rockets posing with a Galaga cocktail cabinet.)

Look Out For The Cheater
Video Gaming Without Scruples by P. Gregory Springer  (3.66 pages; less about literal cheating and more about bug & logic exploits, learning & sharing strategies, stretching your arcade dollars, etc.)

What's Round & Yellow & Laughs All The Way To The Bank?
Pac-Man Merchandise by Rick Johnson (four pages; a round-up of Pac-Man related merchandise; includes "Twerp-Factor Up!" sidebar discussing The Pac-Man Cartoon Show)

Vidiot Of The Month: David Johansen
(two page spread; photo w/caption - David Johansen posing with Sega Turbo sit-down arcade cabinet.)

Arcade Action: The Top Arcade Games
by P. Gregory Springer (four pages; capsule commentary, each with arcade screenshot and - in some cases - arcade cabinet photo)

  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Galaga
  • Dig Dug
  • Joust
  • Moon Patrol
  • Jungle King
  • Tutankham
  • Turbo
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Tron

Arcade Action Close-Up: Pengo
by P. Gregory Springer (aka "The Ice Capade: Pengo"; two page in-depth game overview with strategies)

Vidiot's E.T. Pull-Out Poster
(two page spread)

Vidiot's Consumer Guide To Home Games
Atari's 2600 and 5200 systems, Colecovision and Intellivision - Where They're At by Annene Kaye with Simon Fellowes and Steve Kenyon (seven pages; includes photo w/caption - Steven Bishop posing with home console setup; sections:)

  • (introduction with Atari 2600 game capsule commentary, some with b&w screenshots)
    • Adventure
    • Air-Sea Battle
    • Asteroids
    • Backgammon
    • Basketball
    • Bowling
    • Breakout and Super Breakout
    • Canyon Bomber
    • Casino
    • Circus Atari
    • Combat
    • Dodge 'Em!
    • Football
    • Fun With Numbers
    • Golf
    • Hangman
    • Homerun
    • Human Cannonball
    • Indy 500
    • Maze Craze
    • Missile Command
    • Night Driver
    • Othello
    • Outlaw
    • Pele's Soccer
    • Sky Diver
    • Slot Racers / Street Racers
    • Space Invaders
    • Superman
    • 3-D Tic Tac Toe / Video Checkers / Video Chess
    • Video Olympics
    • Video Pinball
    • Warlords
  • Atari 5200 (running commentary discussing the following, some with b&w screenshots:)
    • Super Breakout
    • Space Invaders
    • Pac-Man
    • Missile Command
  • Intellivision Update (introduction with capsule commentary of the following, some with b&w screenshots; Intellivoice shown:)
    • Utopia
    • Major League Baseball
    • NFL Football
    • PBA Bowling
    • Space Battle
    • Astrosmash
    • Star Strike
    • Night Stalker
    • Lock 'N' Chase
    • Space Hawk
    • Micro Surgeon
    • Space Armada
  • Colecovision '83 (introduction with capsule commentary of the following, some with b&w screenshots:)
    • Venture
    • Mousetrap
    • Turbo
    • Donkey Kong
    • Smurf - Rescue In Gargamel's Castle
    • Lady Bug
    • Zaxxon
    • Cosmic Avenger

E.T. Phones Home For The Holidays
Inside Atari's E.T. Game by Kevin Christopher (Atari 2600; three page in-depth preview)

Arcade Injuries: A Pictorial
Ze Doktor Vill See You Now, Ya! (two pages; photos; parody)

Hunka Hunka Flying Shards Of Glass
Offing The Tube by J. Kordosh (two pages; TV set destruction; includes photos of singer Wendy O. Williams and drummer Carmin Appice, "View From The Couch" sidebar)

Rock Vidiocy: Forced To Watch MTV!
Vidclips by Peter Gabriel, Billy Joel, Thomas Dolby, Adam Ant, Psychedelic Furs, and more by Dave Dimartino (four pages; music video coverage)

Why I Hate Arcades
One Man's Opinion by John Richardson (two pages)


Letters From Vidiots
("Plug Into Vidiot Culture;" one page; this being the magazine's first letters column, "The Editors" make a request for correspondence along with defining Vidiot's mission statement.)

Vidiots In The News
(two pages; includes b&w photo w/caption - actress Barbara Eden posing with a Tron arcade cabinet, b&w photo w/caption - band Journey with Data Age backdrop)

  • No Escaping Escape (Journey's Escape video game)
  • Same Time, Next Year (Ben Gold sets Stargate high score)
  • Yoo Hoo!
  • You Thought Ben Cartwright was Rich... (Magnavox sues Mattel)
  • Porn Si, Video No (peep shows win court battle, arcades do not)
  • Watch Out, Superbowl! (MLB sues Datamost over trademark)
  • Things Go Better With Tron? (Coke vending machines with integrated video games)
  • More Movies To Play (movie-to-video game translations)
  • Nolan Still Rollin' (Bushnell ventures into household robot biz)
  • Wanted: Girl Gamers (arcaders looking for girl gamers)
  • Stick In A Quarter (adult arcade games; X-Hot Stuff, Stripper)

by Richard Robinson (three pages; audio and video equipment with some light computer (Timex Sinclair 1000, Vic-20, Apple II) and handheld video game coverage (Mattel's Action Arcade series (Speed Freak shown))

Eye/Hand: What's New For Vidiots?
(three pages; game reviews)

  • Pitfall (VCS)
  • B-17 Bomber (Intellivision with Intellivoice module)
  • Beany Bopper (VCS)
  • Night Stalker (Intellivision)
  • Riddle of the Sphinx (VCS)
  • Lock 'N' Chase (Intellivision, VCS)
  • Megamania (VCS)
  • Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (ColecoVision)
  • Demons to Diamonds (VCS)

Capt. Vidiot: Questions & Answers (approx. two pages; Q&A)

Cover Illustrations & Centerfold Poster by Gary Ciccarelli

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    Title: Vidiot Issue 2
    Month: February/March
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: CREEM Magazine, Inc.
    Editor: Dave Dimartino
    Pages: 64
    Price: $2.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 1

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