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  1. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    He did comment to Jason of Archive back in June, so its only been 16 weeks since we last heard from him. Who knows, he could pop up tomorrow and drop out 100 magazines as a surprise.
  2. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Actually I may still have the Dreamcast magazines on hand, its been so long, but I did send him two boxes of magazines with the remainder of the images above. I don't think Marktrade ran off with the magazines, and I still hold out hope for a flash drive full of scanned pages to show up in my mailbox one afternoon
  3. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    This is everything I sent Marktrade, not sure what he scanned so far. A few months after sending these off Mark stopped uploading items to Retromags and started to just dump his scans onto Archive.
  4. New Image: Dengeki Sega Saturn Vol.17 (March 20, 1998)

  5. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Fair enough, at the moment I will just hide the User Download links from being populated. I only included Archive because that was where Marktrade was placing his items and he was linking to Archive for them. I will still move forward on linking to active publishers that we can still subscribe to with either physical or digital versions. What is still active, maybe 15 different magazines between the USA and UK at the moment....if that?
  6. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Good catch! I fixed it
  7. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    I cleaned up the Magazine Database and Download Manager over the last few days. Using the matching MD5 records between them I was able to do the following.... In the Download Manager now anything that is available via torrent now states what Torrent package it is in Also on the Download Manager page I have dropped in the corresponding Database Record links to 99% of the files in that section. I just need to manually do the PDF versions and Strategy Guides at this point. Now you can get to the Magazine Database from the Download Manager, and vice versa! On the Magazine Database side, I fixed up the Official Download links, many of them were still pointing to the address.....and while it will auto resolve, I figured I might as well clean them up in mass. You will also notice that I dropped in torrent links for everything that has been released via torrent. The torrent links will download the torrent file that contains the magazine you are looking for. So if you go to Nintendo Power Issue 2 in the Magazine Database, the torrent link on that page will download the 2017 Base Torrent Pack 9 which contains that issue. My next item is to get rid of the "Retromags User Download" links above (done). With me rolling up the entire Retromags collection from our Download Manager and dumping it onto torrents and Usenet, the User Provided links to FileFactory, 4Shared and other third party file hosting services will surely result in out of date versions and broken links. We will be deleting the existing data for those 3 fields (after a backup) and then changing them to the following..... I will be reaching out to the admins of these sites and a few others to gather some spreadsheets of what they have already preserved. We can then mass import the links to their download pages and mark those records as "Preserved" so that users can get an overall view of what has been preserved digitally across all of these sites.
  8. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    I use the following items and they make short work of any magazines I have no attachment to. Paper Cutter (Chop) Fujitsu IX500 (Scan) Magazine Poly Bags (Protect) Plastic Banker Boxes (Store) Oh and if you are going to join the club of people who scan magazines, may I suggest a case of this
  9. New Image: Appli Style Qun Vol.07 (September 2016)

  10. 2017 Retromags Collection Available Via Torrents!

    FYI - Now the Download Manager informs users of which torrent pack a release is inside of. See image below
  11. 2017 Retromags Collection Available Via Torrents!

    I saw that release today and was like......Man not even 24 hours and now I can't claim EVERYTHING is finally torrented
  12. 2017 Retromags Collection Available Via Torrents!

    Here are the stats after 24 hours of releasing the Retromags 2017 Torrents, I have two seedboxes distributing the torrents to the masses at the moment. Seedbox 1 Seedbox 2 1,792 GB uploaded so far
  13. Torrents are Back! Over the last few weeks I have been working on pulling everything out of the Download Manager and organizing it into torrents for mass distribution. I believe the last time we rolled everything up was back in 2008? Maybe 2010? This is the entire Retromags collection as it stands today with 1338 releases and coming in at 195GB. Because of the size I have broken down the collection into 14 sets of 100 magazines each. The magazines are in alphabetical order so the first torrent is #-C and so on. This was a huge undertaking to extract, match and get everything renamed and organized for distribution. Please seed as much as you can to keep these torrents alive. Download All 1338 Retromags Releases! As always our Download Manager will still be the primary storage container. Every 50 new or updated items in the DLM will get rolled up into a torrent "update" pack.
  14. Club Nintendo Mexico

    Wayback machine helps in this, I have been here since the beginning and I can't even remember @Vladi was the user who originally submitted these.