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  1. New Image: Knuckles the Echidna 27 (August 1999)

  2. The latest 50 releases since September 2017 have been put together at

  3. Auctions Won By Retromags

    January 1998 October 1998
  4. Auctions Won By Retromags

    These are the normal sized ones
  5. Auctions Won By Retromags

    Not actually an auction won, but huge thanks to @Hudson187 for sending the following today (pics coming later).
  6. Say Adios to Download Limits

    Yes, and every 50 new releases or updates will be rolled into new torrents. I think we are 2 new releases away from our first 2018 Torrent Update file
  7. Say Adios to Download Limits

    Almost everyone of the 14 torrents has hit 1TB to 2TB. I think they are well seeded, I grabbed them fresh the other day and it only took a few hours (4) I think.
  8. Say Adios to Download Limits

    Over the next couple of weeks I will be removing any and all download restrictions from our Download Manager. One of the more challenging parts of running Retromags has always been storage and bandwidth. Last year we moved our collection of magazines and strategy guides to a seedbox and reinstated torrents for anyone who wanted to use that option. Our new seedbox that I created this week can now support HTTP downloads, so I will be removing our releases from our web server over the next few weeks, and redirecting to this new method. If you have been following us on Facebook/Twitter you probably noticed that I stood up the subdomain Now when our community is downloading like crazy, the forums will not slow down. Another added benefit is now I can scale back the resources needed to run Retromags without ditching the ability to let you guys download directly from us. I will let you guys know once this transfer has been completed. I will also be creating a new guide for how we will handle new submissions once the transfer is complete. So in the end, EVERYONE will be able to grab our releases..... Via Torrents Via HTTP and soon Via Newsgroups With NO RESTRICTIONS! -Phillyman
  9. New Image: Game Boy Tsūshin 1990 No.03 (Famitsu issue 99 - April 27, 1990)

  10. Official Croatian PlayStation Magazine

    Any info on this I would be interested in, as my wife is from the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia) and she can translate for me
  11. New Image: Comptiq Issue 164 (March 1997)

  12. New Image: Comptiq (1993.02) '93 Game Music Now

  13. New Image: Comptiq (1991.01) Heiseisannen Nihon no sofutohausu part 1 Tōkyō-ban (1991 Japanese software companies,…

  14. New Image: Comptiq Issue 024 (December 1986)

  15. Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    In the past we have had members upload magazines they did not scan, but said they did.....and then I had other sites coming here asking for us to remove their scans. Then I have to field a whole bunch of PM's of "Where did the X releases go?" If Retromags just uploaded any quality, and any scanned items we found, this site would have thousands upon thousands of scanned magazines and game manuals and strategy guides.