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  1. For over 10 years Retromags has contributed to the Folding@Home project. Each day our computers sit for hours powered on doing nothing but sitting idle. What if we could leverage those unused CPU cycles to put towards finding cures for Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson’s and Cancer? This video explains how your computer can assist in finding cures (much better than I ever could). Anyhow, for the past 10 years I have sat at the top of the leader board for our Team Stats page. No one has been able to dethrone me and thus I am issuing a challenge.... The first person to unseat me from the number 1 spot on the Retromags Team Stats (54458) page, will win a $250 Amazon Gift Card (Digital Delivery). I don't think any of you guys will even get close, but it will bring me great amusement to watch some try The stats are stack-able, so if you install the Folding@Home client onto all your home computers and enter our Team #54458 into each client, all of the work units will be counted towards your username. There are only two rules.... Your username must match the username you use here. You can not install the Folding@Home client onto workstations you do not own! It would be cheating if you were the IT staff for a huge company and just installed the client onto 250 workstations. You can see our stats page here.. Good Luck! Start Folding!
  2. New Image: Back To The Future Part III

  3. New Image: Twilight: 2000

  4. New Image: Dengeki Dreamcast Vol.19 (September 24, 1999)

  5. New Image: Raspberry Vol.08 (February 2003)

  6. New Image: Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game

  7. New Image: Nintendo Power Issue 165 February 2003

  8. New Image: Dengeki Gamecube Issue 08 (August 2002)

  9. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Just increased it 4x to 2048kb, let me know if that is enough
  10. So today I am coming down my street, which ends in a 3-way with stop signs on each corner. I am about 40-50 feet away from my stop sign. A car that already came to his stop sign is going to turn into the lane running opposite of mine. Now normal people would make such a turn so that they do not impede the opposite lane in any way. This idiot decides to turn sharply and basically use my lane to shave 0.00001 seconds off of his commute. Keep in mind I am using this lane and I have no idea if he is just out of his mind or stupid. I nail my horn and curse him out, why is it so difficult to understand? Both he and I can turn if we keep to our respective sides. This is not Mario Kart Time Trials, that split second is saving you maybe $0.02 worth of gas. He is the red car, the lines are how he is supposed to turn, my car is the blue one. Used this site if you guys want to chime in with what pisses you off while driving
  11. First I have seen this magazine. Big thanks to @mvallas for sending me issue 4 (I think). Not too much info on this magazine out there. I found the following info..... So far it looks like there were 11 issues total, I was able to pull the website from the Wayback Machine. Issues are as follow...(it skips Issue #5 for some odd reason ) Please fill in any information or let me know if you have missing issues. I already snagged Issue #9 from Amazon as soon as I found it. I came up empty on finding any issues on eBay :(
  12. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    and they arrived this morning Big thanks again for helping us fill out missing issues.
  13. New Image: Colorful Puregirl Issue 11 (April 2001)