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  1. New Image: Famitsu Mobage Vol.17 September 19, 2013

  2. New Image: Electronic Arts 1986 (Skyfox, Dr. J and Larry Bird Go One-on-One, Arcticfox, Seven Cities of Gold,……

  3. Ok so Tips & Tricks became Tips & Tricks OLD, and Tips & Tricks REDO became Tips & Tricks. If in doubt the one with 167 issues is old and wrong! So what is left.... Go into the new Tips and Tricks section that has 150 issues and start matching covers from the Gallery section Then we can copy the few records that had a synopsis filled in, from the old section to the new Then fix up the Download Manager so the dates and issue numbers are correct Finally delete 90% of the issues in the T&T OLD section rename it to T&T Codebook, and figure out the 2007-2011 records.
  4. And now we have GameSetWatch showing the 150th issue, but claiming it to be the next to last. I don't think this is correct, if someone can find me a Tips and Tricks 151 September 2007 let me know! Ok went to his next month of posts and found this what most likely happened is someone counted the codebooks as a continuation o Tips and Tricks. Need more coffee after all this hunting around the web
  5. Which brings me to my next question, were did we get 167 issues from? Was it the Magweasel information? I found this article that says 150 issues. Edit: Going back to the Wayback Machine shows that Magweasel never had a T&T page set up. I found this via Watback, from our old Wiki...
  6. This has been on my list for far too long Anyhow I put together a list of dates, so far stuff is falling in line, just need to work the 149-167 side of this publication and I will be able to fix everything up. Items on this spreadsheet have sources, as long as information between two sources fall in line, I assume it is correct.
  7. You have all the physical copies up to issue 145? If so then you would need 146-285. The Magazine Database has all the issues listed with their dates.
  8. New Image: Official Xbox Magazine 183 January 2016

  9. New Image: Official Xbox Magazine 154 November 2013

  10. New Image: Sonic the Comic 125 (March 11, 1998)

  11. New Image: PC Games 97 January 2012

  12. New Image: PC Games 54 June 2008

  13. New Image: PC Games 10 October 2004

  14. New Image: Igromania 208 January 2015

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