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  1. today we took the side off of Olivia's crib and transformed it into a toddler bed.

  2. our Xmas cards came today. I stuffed envelopes and put stamps and return addresses on each one. Jasenka and Liv decorated the envelopes with Mickey Mouse stickers

  3. In for one myself, 4000lb capacity for $46 shipped....done deal! I have a similar one at the house already, but need one of these bad boys in my storage unit
  4. Surely Peta has bigger fish to fry than this....

  5. Phillyman

    Seed box and Server Goals

    Thanks I will look into that next December when our current one expires. I buy multiple years to save money
  6. Phillyman

    Seed box and Server Goals

    When I say the financial burden is shared, I am referring to the cost to provide a website and some of the costs I incur from being the linchpin. Just like how raises MILLIONS of dollars a year to keep their site afloat, we can barely raise a few hundred. Also just like Archive, no one from that site is paying users to upload roms, music, magazines, and everything else they host. This works the same for Wikipedia, they raise millions of dollars each year to support their infrastructure and actually pay employees, but we all know that the vast amount of content added to Wikipedia is user driven and none of them collect any monetary reimbursement. So again yes, I am the only one who has access to the donation funds, because I am the only one who receives the bills for Retromags Speaking of which, anyone want to pay this one????? Lets be honest, this is never going to change from a hobby website to a company. I can cut the costs of Retromags down to $4.95 per month very easily. We would lose many features around here, site would drag ass, no unlimited downloads, no 24/7 seeded torrents......but I assume that is not what we want. So you guys when you donate, you help me share the cost across many of us. One person paying $70 a month is more of a pain in the pocket, than if we had 35 users kicking $2 towards the site each month. But yes kitsunebi77 is correct in his above post.
  7. Phillyman

    Seed box and Server Goals

    So on the goals front, we reduced our costs for the upcoming year drastically. I was paying $150 per month for the Retromags server, plus another $35 per month for a speedy seedbox to keep torrents and downloads freely flowing. Now those costs are down to $50 and $20 respectively. The donation goals are to help share the burden among multiple users. I recently implemented a new Patron structure, where users can just donate $2 per month to keep Retromags running smoothly. If I can find 35 users that can part with $2 each month, that will cover the majority of the costs Retromags incurs. No matter what, Retromags will keep chugging along.....donations or not. Besides the webhosting server, seedbox server, and SSL certificates, we also pay to keep this software (IPB) updated and supported. We buy magazines, protective magazine bags, magazine backing boards, banker boxes, scanners, hard drives, nas units, cloud storage, labels....etc. The donations free us up to do things more quickly and with better results. Edit: Also the donations help with the WAF!
  8. Damn that looks good - Next time I am sick Jasenka Drincic Reeves

  9. Every time you get dressed remember: If you die, that's your ghost outfit forever.

  10. Jasenka Drincic Reeves - Lets make some dough!!!!

  11. Man I sure hope Juan Tufrefor never has to fly Southwest.

  12. Waitress informs us that she prefers a cash tip, well we prefer coffee mugs without lipstick

  13. I doubt Donny can even park his golf cart at Mar-a-Lago.

  14. I finally got my average resting heart rate down to 65 beats per minute. Only 65 more to go.