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  1. New Image: Official Xbox Magazine 207 (December 2017)

  2. New Cut-off dates for 2018

    For 2018, I will look into hiring someone to write me a page that Team Members/Database Mods can go to and flip the Allowed Status in mass. select CATEGORY and if YEAR = X set ALLOWED to 0 or 1
  3. New Cut-off dates for 2018

    E-day and myself are working thru the list of categories in the Magazine Database. We basically need to get an update on which magazines are defunct and which are still being published. Once this list is complete, I can run a SQL query on the database to update all 18,000 records with the correct "Active/Defunct" information, then right after that I can run another query to set the new "Allowed" field for all of the records. This will flip all the dates in the database
  4. New Image: Dengeki PlayStation 229 (February 21, 2003)

  5. marktrade's work in progress

    The Magazine Database does have a status field that can have notes entered. It would be very easy for me to create a web page that just listed out any issues that were "Scanned" with "Status Notes" present.
  6. marktrade's work in progress

    As I stated I am rarely over at Archive so I was unsure of what had been done. My only goal is seeing them digitized, whether that was via you and Archive, or KiwiArcader and, it makes no difference to me. Of course I would love for them to be offered via Retromags, but I never force anyone to submit to this site. The magazines were paid with funds from the Retromags Slush fund, so as long as they became available, I was happy. Yes, we did speak in October of 2017 once a member sent me what you had posted on your Patron page. However I felt it would be rude of me to immediately jump to "Did you scan everything I sent you, if not can you send it back?". I figured let me first check in with you, see how you are doing health wise, and then come back to the details of what you may or may have not scanned, and your plans. UNFORTUNATELY about 4 days after our chat via PM, my job of 3.5 years started bouncing paychecks. I was getting the run around from them, delays on a replacement check, then the replacement checks bounced. All in all I went 27 days without pay and had to finally pull out the "If you can't pay me for last week, why am I doing work for you today?". Well they did not like that and told me to scram, the rest of November was me calling attorneys and the Department of Labor to recoup my pay. I lost my health care, dental, everything. So I was scrambling to get doctor and dentists visits out of the way before my coverage lapsed. Then I went thru all our bills and canceled a ton of stuff so I could stay afloat. Losing a job in October is bad because November and December are dead months for hiring, no one wants to start someone when most people are taking vacations. I just landed a job on the 28th of December and today was my second day. So with all of that, Retromags has plummeted to the bottom of my list at the moment. Even now that I have a job, my concentration is going in there and doing the very best I can, even if that means bringing work home to show my work ethic. Again Retromags is just on auto pilot at the moment until I get some checks under me and my job becomes more natural. So I apologize for being absent and not responding earlier, but sometimes real life just gets in the way.
  7. New Image: Old School Gamer Issue 2 January 2018

  8. marktrade's work in progress

    Yes I sent Marktrade two boxes of A3 sized magazines. I am unsure of what has been scanned thus far, because I sent those magazines back in March 2016. I believe Marktrades last upload to Retromags was in December 2016, and then he started only uploading to Internet Archive, which I have not kept up with. As for magazines he has not scanned, if Jason is going to scan them great, but how long will they sit before that happens? Jason seems to have his hands filled with other preservation projects, so personally I would rather see if we can get them shipped off to you (KiwiArcader). I still have no way to preserve A3 magazines, perhaps between You, MarkTrade and myself we can do a three way split to get the magazines into your hands? Just a thought
  9. New Image: Dengeki PlayStation 174 (April 13, 2001)

  10. New Image: Dengeki PlayStation 155 (October 20, 2000)

  11. New Image: Nintendo Magazine System (AUS) 068 (November 1998)

  12. New Image: Famitsu 1514 (December 21, 2017)

  13. New Image: Sonic the Hedgehog 037 (August 1996)

  14. New Image: Sonic the Comic 202 (March 7, 2001)