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  4. Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    In the past we have had members upload magazines they did not scan, but said they did.....and then I had other sites coming here asking for us to remove their scans. Then I have to field a whole bunch of PM's of "Where did the X releases go?" If Retromags just uploaded any quality, and any scanned items we found, this site would have thousands upon thousands of scanned magazines and game manuals and strategy guides.
  5. Hard Drive I Found At Work Today...

    Ugh, been under the weather the last few days, gonna blame this on the Sudafed making my brain foggy! Ok, so I dont have pictures or songs bigger than this drive, but I surely have p0rn clips that are larger
  6. Hard Drive I Found At Work Today...

    How many of our releases could fit on this bad boy? Starting to believe this client has not recycled since Reagan took office
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