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  1. New Image: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Vol.3 - To the Future (2011)

  2. Here is another series that is long overdue.... BURNOUT! Great series, loved playing it on the Xbox and Xbox 360, then it just up and disappeared! 5+ years since anything has come out, which is disappointing, not a single game for the newer systems.
  3. Today while at work I decided rather than listening to IHeartRadio in the background.....that I would fire up Youtube and watch someone longplay F-Zero for the SNES. Well that got me thinking, when the heck was the last time a F-Zero game dropped out? So I went to WikiPedia and confirmed that the GBA games were the last ones. How has Nintendo just sat on the F-Zero franchise for 12+ years? Even a redo of the older F-Zero titles (think Super Mario All-Stars) would be something! So what are some franchises that you are waiting for a new title to finally come out?
  4. And the complete 2009 set of Nintendo Power To be prepared! I will most likely scan the 2008-2012 Nintendo Powers this year so that they are ready to go each January 1st
  5. PS Max Issue #1 has been won! Edit: Also NGamer Issue #1
  6. Choo Choo.......these guys are being scanned today
  7. New Image: World of Warcraft 13 (variant) (January 2009)

  8. The little brother to EGM #65 has now been scanned, this one weighs in at 396 pages. Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 64 (November 1994) Status (Scanned)
  9. Exactly, everyone can choose their own path at Retromags. If you want to scan, scan.....if you want to edit, edit.....if you want to upload missing covers, index a magazine, add db info, upload adverts, post new topics on the forum, help new members get all helps in the end.
  10. In my defense my daughter is now 15 months old....and is a handful Recently we have started reaching the stage where I can plop her in front of cartoons on the TV and give her a bowl of dried Cheerios and a sippy cup and get 15 minutes to watch someone yelling at an old game on Youtube
  11. @E-day is waiting for me to fix up the Tips and Tricks section....its on my list
  12. has Titanfall 2 (PS4) on sale for $24.99. Shipping is free w/ Amazon Prime or if you spend $49 or more. has Titanfall 2 (PS4) on sale for $24.99 with free in-store pick up where available.
  13. Newegg has select Video Games at great prices when you apply promo code EMCRCBG36 at checkout. Shipping is $2.99 or free shipping w/ Newegg Prices after code EMCRCBG36 Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) $19.99 Doom (Xbox One) $19.99
  14. Outside of my apartment is a utility room with a heavy duty shelving unit inside, the vast majority of magazines are in there, then my car has about 300-400 magazines in the trunk, then there are a few hundered magazines inside of my home, mostly stacked up between my desk and wall. I keep swearing that I am going to sell off all the duplicates and scan and dump the rest
  15. See that is where we differ, you ask for permission.....I beg for forgiveness