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  1. These guys are next on my 2017 Preservation Tour!

  2. I wanna smell that sweet aroma of scanner wheels burning rubber!!!!! NEXT!!!!!
  3. I am thinking a Newsletter DB, a Book DB, a Comic DB, and a DB DB
  4. Next up.....
  5. When we upgraded from IPB 3.x to 4.x, the databases got a few new field types. Where as the Scanned By, Edited By, Uploaded By and Page Credits fields on the old version were just plain text, this upgrade gave us a field type called "Member". Very simply put, rather than typing in "Phillyman ," you could just type "Phil" and a drop down box with all matching members would be shown. This also had the added benefit of when viewing a record, you could hover over the word "Phillyman" and my member card would appear and you could click directly to my profile, see if I am online, or start a PM with me. All in all it was a nice little tweak. However this change is not a simple "change field type". Nope.....when you change the field type the data does not convert, rather it wipes it all out! But before I made that change I ran a backup of the existing data in those fields. Now for the Scanned, Edited and Uploaded By fields, it was pretty easy to convert. I had maybe 40 unique members who had filled in those fields. The old way stored plain text "Phillyman" in the database field, however the Member field stores my name as "1"....because that is my member ID number. So I converted everyone and I was done for those 3 fields. Now the Page Credits, many many many more people actually added their usernames into that field. So I started redoing the conversion of Username to MemberID.......and then when I was about 50% done, I realized I was doing it ass backwards! How? Well because every time any member makes an edit to any of our databases, it stores a revision of how that data looked before they made the change. What does it store? The MemberID of who made the change The Database of the record they changed The Record ID to which the change was made The Changes made Thats when I realized that I could simply extract THAT information (which already uses Member ID's) and then format it out in Excel and reimport it all back in with one shot. Why do it this way? Well because people make mistakes! Sometimes people misspelled their usernames, sometimes they forgot to add their name to the credits. So by changing the field to a Member type, we avoid any misspellings, and by extracting the revision data and reimporting it back into the credits field, I will make sure that every record in our databases has credited any user who has added information into that record. This also means when a member changes their display name on the forums, that the Member fields in our database will reflect their new names....without them having to manually go change all the records. At the moment I am working on a script to take this format of data.... and format it this way..... Once I know how to do that with a script or from inside of Excel, I can run monthly cleanups to quickly fix any credit issues across all the databases
  6. New Image: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Vol.3 - To the Future (2011)

  7. Here is another series that is long overdue.... BURNOUT! Great series, loved playing it on the Xbox and Xbox 360, then it just up and disappeared! 5+ years since anything has come out, which is disappointing, not a single game for the newer systems.
  8. Today while at work I decided rather than listening to IHeartRadio in the background.....that I would fire up Youtube and watch someone longplay F-Zero for the SNES. Well that got me thinking, when the heck was the last time a F-Zero game dropped out? So I went to WikiPedia and confirmed that the GBA games were the last ones. How has Nintendo just sat on the F-Zero franchise for 12+ years? Even a redo of the older F-Zero titles (think Super Mario All-Stars) would be something! So what are some franchises that you are waiting for a new title to finally come out?
  9. And the complete 2009 set of Nintendo Power To be prepared! I will most likely scan the 2008-2012 Nintendo Powers this year so that they are ready to go each January 1st
  10. PS Max Issue #1 has been won! Edit: Also NGamer Issue #1
  11. Choo Choo.......these guys are being scanned today
  12. New Image: World of Warcraft 13 (variant) (January 2009)

  13. The little brother to EGM #65 has now been scanned, this one weighs in at 396 pages. Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 64 (November 1994) Status (Scanned)
  14. Exactly, everyone can choose their own path at Retromags. If you want to scan, scan.....if you want to edit, edit.....if you want to upload missing covers, index a magazine, add db info, upload adverts, post new topics on the forum, help new members get all helps in the end.
  15. In my defense my daughter is now 15 months old....and is a handful Recently we have started reaching the stage where I can plop her in front of cartoons on the TV and give her a bowl of dried Cheerios and a sippy cup and get 15 minutes to watch someone yelling at an old game on Youtube