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  1. True, and if I had caught the mistake faster I would have. I got the drink and headed back to work, I did not start drinking it until I got back to my desk. I did not figure out that my drink was separated into two cups until I was two sips away from finishing it. You have to keep in mind that 50% of a drink from Starbucks is ice, so a few sips and your drink is finished. I am a frequent customer of Starbucks and have never experienced such incompetence before.

    Anyway, Comments have been disabled because some childish people wish to launch personal attacks. Take it up with the websites that referered you here....if you dont care for the story :rolleyes:

  2. In my life I have played about 7,000 Halo 2 Online matches.....and about 2,000 Halo 3 online matches. I hate quitters! As soon as the other team takes the get a bunch of 12 year olds quitting the match....even though you lose more points that way. Ugh...hate it!