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  1. Q: meppi Where the hell am I???

    A: You're in the jungle baby; you're gonna die.

  2. @Aus_Pop_Culture https://t.co/UWqF60Oloj
  3. @benjedwards now adjust for DLC.....
  4. @CGQuarterly @Mead_Brand Not available in Canada of course 🤬
  5. @CGQuarterly damn, are we in the future where cars run on Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiatos?
  6. @DaymDrops you can never go wrong with a quesadilla!
  7. @DSKoopa I too rub "lettuce?" on my face and get a euphoric feeling https://t.co/KU7LQK6Ip5
  8. @DX2_66_X @PatTheNESpunk digital only over my dead body, not until you extend me all the rights that I have over ph… https://t.co/2zEiSBxzdS
  9. @frankcifaldi @internetarchive you are not only the hero we need, but the one we deserve!
  10. @frankcifaldi anyone want a Nintendo Power Issue 1, only $400K....
  11. @frankcifaldi so like the Sega Channel?
  12. @frankcifaldi you tell me this now, after all the time I have put into faking "Facts of Life, The (U) (PRG0) [!].nes"
  13. @GameHistoryOrg @GamingAlexandri @SungHerSong @MDFW_EN @SamManOfSteel So I shouldn't mention the number of de-bound… https://t.co/gAREng2rfJ
  14. @GameHistoryOrg I think Brian or I have a few of these ourselves. I will check and see.
  15. @gamerave @TehPapaStu @GameHistoryOrg Are they all staple bound? Would love to grab some more info on these.
  16. @gamesasylum sadly many young boys, including myself .....could never achieve having a 36 pack in real life!
  17. @Henderson1983 Q accidentally formats Borg drives
  18. @Henderson1983 Sweet Dreams! https://t.co/gXFxzHSUdX
  19. @Henderson1983 Wesley somehow saves everyone.....again!
  20. @Henderson1983 Worf goes out skant shopping
  21. @jaykass68k Ha, they burned me out. Made it about 3 months and then went to work for McDonalds for $4.25 an hour. T… https://t.co/5wu1Adixsi
  22. @jaykass68k Nintendo Power was my first sub, got started with that one around 89 when I was 10 years old. Once I hi… https://t.co/Alq0jGqQ2E
  23. @KNIGHTFALLx https://t.co/sRTdTyNGxl
  24. @KNIGHTFALLx I drank coffee, I didn't eat Taco Bell!
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