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  1. I know I have been absent for a while. Right now dealing with finding a new place to move and moving hundreds of pounds of magazines. But I like this idea, lets flesh it out and then I can get a quote to see what it would cost to put into action....if anything.



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  2. On 10/28/2019 at 4:57 AM, kitsunebi77 said:

    @Phillyman Is this something that's impossible?  My post got ignored the first time around.  To reiterate, whenever a scanned mag is not the sole creation of a single person, EVERYONE credited in any way for any mag in our download section should receive reputation whenever that file is liked with the "like" or "thank you" buttons.  That means not just

    Very little is impossible, but it comes down to a few things.

    1) Can I do it natively thru the existing software.......No

    2) Is there an add on from Invision that can do this.....No

    3) Is there anyone out there making a third party modification to do this.....No

    So once all of those have been exhausted, we are looking at hiring someone to modify Retromags, and that usually comes out to somewhere around $50-$75 per hour in labor. Now I have no issues hiring someone to mod the software, but keep in mind that once modded, each time we do upgrades, that mod may break and I may need to rehire the guy to fix whatever broke. Lets say this functionality cost me $250, and then once a year it breaks and costs us $100 to fix it. Do we have 25 users that can chip in $10 to get this started? Do we have 10 users who can chip in $10 a year to keep it working?

    So I am all for it, I can get a quote for the price, but we need to have the entire idea flushed out. These guys will code what I ask for, but nothing more. So you want multiple people to get reputation from the Download Manager? What about the forum post that gets posted along side of it?

  3. 9 hours ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    Phillyman could best answer that, but the entire site is backed up multiple times per day if I'm not mistaken.

    The Retromags website & Seedbox are backed up daily to my OneDrive and my NAS at home. They are then duplicated over to @E-days NAS in Canada. @Areala has a big fat hard drive that has all the Retromags releases on it as well.

    90% of the releases are on 1337x's public torrent tracker, as well as out at a few private trackers. One of these days, I will float them all up to Newsgroups (Usenet) as well.

    Oh and places like The Eye are also mirroring the vast majority of our releases -

    Also the Magazine Database is backed up every 6 hours.

    We got so many backups, Juvenile is going to sing at our holiday party this year! 😂


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  4. 21 hours ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    You can sign up to receive new release notification emails so you won't miss anything.  For the past couple of months, there has been something released pretty much on a daily basis, so you may have missed quite a bit!

    So on this, I wanted to point out a quick note.

    The feedburner link that I have set to show below each release, is done thru Google without my interaction. But it is really only meant for non members of Retromags.


    Members of Retromags - They should be using the notification system to stay notified of new releases. Our notification system is very powerful and they can choose whether to be notified off of the posts in the New Release Forum section, or they can be notified off of the Download Manager section, and if they choose the Download Manager section, they can further choose whether they want to be notified of all Nintendo Powers, or All USA magazines. They can also choose whether these notifications just show up when they log into Retromags, or if these notifications send Emails as they happen, or wait until the end of the week to send a summary of all releases that week.

    2019-08-01 16_33_56-New Releases - Retromags Community.png


    2019-08-01 16_32_57-United States Magazines - Retromags Community.png


    Non Members of Retromags - they can use the Feedburner email that fires out at 5PM Eastern USA if a release was put out the day prior.

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