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  1. Wait til you get enough posts to play games in the arcade i am in the progress of adding more games to it
  2. Topic Has Been Unlocked, Only Post WIP ...No Requests *********************************************** Follow The Example Below When Submitting A WIP (1 post per user please) Re-edit your posts to reflect which Issue is being worked on *********************************************** ============================================================ Scanning........ 30+ Posters For Issues 111-147 ============================================================ Awaiting Editing..........
  3. Well Just like the topic says ........ Mine is Here
  4. Well Tonite I added an Arcade Section to this forum ......There are a few games in there to play right now ......lets see which of you guys are the best gamers Anyways To play you must have at least 25 posts Have Fun ! Link on Homepage and Upper Right Hand Side
  5. Aint too much to moderate right now ........ Think up some ranks for me know 0-10 = Newbie 10-25 = junior member . . . .
  6. Spammers are Brown poo
  7. Who Are you? My Handle is Phillyman (Rob).....I am 26 years old ......and have been a gamer since the Atari 2600.....I live Near Philadelphia.....and work as a GeekSquad Agent For BestBuy Why Did you Start This Site? Well I have always wanted to give something back to the emulation community .....i have some programming experience but not enough to create or help create an emulator A while back I came across a group of people that were scanning videogame manuals ......A few weeks later i was digging thru boxes with all my old consoles/games ......and i came across my Nintendo Power Collection ......Thats pretty much when i got the idea So Why Would People Want Scans Of Old Videogame Mags? Alot of us gamers that were around for the NES/SNES era ......still have our old Nintendo Powers boxed away in the Attic/Basement/Closet ......The magazines are fun to read ......Reading about the addons for the SNES and N64 that never came to light Also ......Like i said .....I have roughly 8-9 consoles ......and hooking them all up to the TV is almost impossible ......Its Kinda nice to be able to fire up the Emulator and play some Legend Of Zelda .....without having to blow for 20 minutes on the NES cartridge Nice Thing is ......With Laptops .....We can play these games on a Train/Plane ride .....and its nice to have the Magazines from that era on the computer with the games......And With the Nintendo Revolution coming out soon .....All these old games will be playable on that system .....I doubt that Nintendo Power will Review these old games in depth again Is RetroMags Only Scanning Nintendo Powers? No! .......Any Retrogaming Magazine that is at least 5 years old we are interested in! Is RetroMags Only Concerned With USA Mags No!......We are interested in any magazines that came out in the UK also .....I would say any magazine that is printed in English is something we would want .....I really would love to read a Nintendo Power from outside the US What if I want to Submit Last Months Issue of (Blank) It will be deleted ......This is not a Piracy site ......We firmly stand behind all publishers......There Subscription prices are fair .....and you should support them! Even If The Went Out of Business? Yes! ......Look at your calendar subtract 5 years .....that it the newest magazine we will accept! How long does it take you to scan a magazine? With a flatbed scanner it takes me about 1.5 - 2 hours (100pgs).......Honestly i watch TV while i am doing it ....So it doesnt seem that long Do you debind the mags? Yes but it really depends on the age of the magazine ........I don't think i would debind any early issues .......Starting around issue 20 I debind So How Do you debind them? With a brand new box cutter.........It takes roughly 10 minutes to debind 100 pages .......You will get the hang of it quickly I don't have a Scanner .....How can i help? Well if your good with Photoshop can help us clean up the scans .....cropping and resizing .....or brightening up the colors .......If your not good with Photoshop either can seed the releases on the torrents that are released .......Or you could just donate a few bucks to keep this site alive......More ways to help are HERE What is The Arcade.....How Do I Gain Access? The Arcade is a place to relax and play some arcade games....For bragging rights ...You must register to play in the arcade......And either have 25 posts or be a Premium Member Why Cant I Register With (dodgeit, Slaskpost) email addresses? This is a small site....I dont sell your information......There is no reason not to use your ISP given have the choice to make it private when you register Plus this prevents people from abusing the anonymity of free emails
  8. Nope .....I know what everyone is scanning ......and only i believe only 2 of the 7 scanners are working on Non-Nintendo Power magazines
  9. ************************************** This is an Uploads ONLY FTP Please Only Upload Scans....No Games are needed! ************************************** Ok so you have scanned an videogame issue .....and you would like to share it ....all you have to do is Zip together all the images and include a text file inside the zip with your username Please make sure that you have all the pictures facing the correct way .....and upload them to the following username = uploads password = uploads port 27015 Please Create a Folder and Upload your Zip file within it ......then i will create a pdf and Cbr file out of it and release it on the torrent sites.....You will be credited for the scan in the Release Section Please No Magazines That Arent 5 or More Years Old! I am having trouble accepting big files .....havent figured out why ....Split the files into 10mb files .....This way if one file fails your only have to reupload that one file
  10. Gonna quickly list out someways to help us out with this project 1. Donate your Magazines to us to scan.(*) 2. Scan your magazines.(*) 3. Seed our torrents. (after downloading let people download from you) 4. If you have a Gaming/Emulation site ... Mention our project. 5. If you belong to any Gaming/Emulation Forums ...Mention our project. 6. If you have photoshop skills help us with a logo for our site. 7. Donate a few dollars to us so we can purchase older magazines. 8. If you have Newsgroup access ....Post our files with our website in the subject.(#) 9. If you use Kazaa, Morpheus, WinMX, DC++ ....Place a copy of our Magazine scans in your Shared Folder. 10. If you dont have time to scan entire magazines , Just scan the covers and send them to (*) If your gonna donate magazines or scan them and send us the jpg's, Please make sure the magazine is in decent condition missing pages or tears bigger then a 1/4 inch folded pages.....we want to release the cleanest possible scans (Contact Us so we know what magazine your scanning before you start) (#) If you are gonna post to Newsgroups ....please try to keep to this type of format Nintendo Power Issue 9 (Nov-Dec 1989) - Below are my current settings I am using to scan ....if anyone knows of better settings i am willing to try anything
  11. Ok so with this new forum software .....i can sort the users into different that we know who is on the site at any time This is How its Setup Administrators = Admins Of The Site/Forum Editing God!= Editors That Have Edited 50 Mages or 5000 pages! Editors = Members Who Have Edited Less then 10 Mags or 1000 Pages Members = Regular Members Members+ = Regular Members Who Have 100 Posts (Special Perk ) Premium Editors = Editors That Have Edited 10 Mags or 1000 pages Premium Members = Members Who have Paid the $10 Subscription Fee To Help With Hosting Fees and Magazine Purchases Premium Scanners = Members Who Have Scanned 10 Mags or 1000 pages Scanners = Members Who Have Scanned Less then 10 Mags or 1000 Pages Scanning God!= Scanners That Have Scanned 50 Mages or 5000 pages! Super Moderator = Moderators Of The Site/Forum