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  1. Phillyman's post in What are these site Credits for? was marked as the answer   
    The credits were supposed to be earned for....
    Creating new topics
    Replying to topics
    Uploading Missing Covers
    Uploading Magazines
    Creating Blog Posts
    Visiting the site daily
    They were to then be cashed back in for downloading files directly from Retromags. So for example, create a new topic....get credit to download 3 more magazines. However the credit system is not coded exactly how I want it. So I would need to hire someone to code in the changes I want. So for the time being the credits system is just sitting there. I am still allowing people to earn credits, but right now they cant be used for anything. I am toying around with the idea of allowing them to be cashed out for Patron accounts. I am also thinking of letting users cash them in for coupon codes for our store. I have a ton of posters, supplements, trading cards, duplicate issues, that I would rather list up here at Retromags than continuously listing them over at eBay.
  2. Phillyman's post in Nintendo Fun Club News "error" download was marked as the answer   
    Try now, it should be fixed.
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