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  1. I was wondering if anyone know of downloadable manual for this game, and of any review/preview in mags. Game was developed and distributed by TG Software on cartridge for Atari 800. (8bit, second generation of home computers) Thank you!
  2. Go to Power Manager and disable hibernation and sleep mode. Also make sure you clean your OS (use CCleaner to remove 'crap' files and clean registry) and make sure that you run Defraggler after you done. (It is free and much better then Windows defrag utility). Also I suggest getting real external HD for backup purpose. They are cheap now, and gives you an extra protection. (not just to protect your files, but OS as well) Another thing that I suggest to everyone having netbook is to get external DVD. With external DVD you can always boot computer using Ubuntu installation disc (free) without installing OS. This way you can get your files even if OS wont boot. Just last weekend I did this for one of my friends, and after I got him his pictures he gave me his old PC (Dell Pentium IV with 2.6GHz processor) (Guess this is something like early Christmas present. )
  3. I'm done buying DVD/BR discs since I got Netflix. I do have large collection (including both first predators), but have no will to expend and update it.
  4. Main reason I got iPad was easy of use and very clear and bright/adjustable screen. I got 64GB and I never had any issues with space. Only problem I have is that if you upload a lot of CBR/CBZ files and try to sync later with iTunes it will take forever to go trough backup as iTune try to backup all CBR/CBZ files every time as they become part of applications?! So you better delete them and reupload them again later. On the positive side, battery life is great and it is easy to use.
  5. There is no need as iPad supports CBR/CBZ well. I use CloudReader (free) and Comic Zeal ($7.99) and didn't have any problems with any files I uploaded.
  6. That's main reason I repack all of my mags.
  7. I repack all of my magazines into CBR with WinRAR and I did not have any problems. Can you post the link to one of mags that you can't open in iPad?? Do you mean cludreader instead of cloudrunner??
  8. Yes, weird stuff happens once you translate, and then translate back the same thing in first language.... But is a good start. I found mango to be be interesting, but I don't have required time to learn new languages. (like to learn Spanish and renew German :() It's a lot of work to translate anything, apart from a whole comic books.
  9. So your only option is to order them from Japan and learn Japanese language - all doable... 5月は、力はあなたと一緒に! - or something like that....
  10. Manga is form of art and as that it looses much less in its value then an retro mag. I agree that free distribution of someone's work is a bad practice. I never downloaded/read manga online, but I have borrowed a lot of manga comics in local library.
  11. I am sorry to hear what's happening with your mom. We'll keep you in our prayers. My mom is also fighting cancer, she had surgery couple of months ago and she is going trough chemo and radiation.
  12. Watched it in IMAX, really enjoyed everything (from story to special effects) and if possible would like to go once more to experience it in IMAX. That new digital 3D is really great, too bad they didn't offer The Last Airbender in IMAX, so we had to watch it in regular (again digital) 3D, but my daughter and I liked it anyways. (she will be five next week and we already watched 2 seasons of Avatar - The Last Airbender cartoons) But what do I know, I think that even Eclipse had some great moments (nice fight between newborns, vampires and wolfs for example )
  13. Sega did their games, don't see why would they emulate/transfer games of other developers. As for Dreamcast, it's one of consoles that I always like to go back to. Nice games, very playable. (It was my console of choice for emulation, but since I got xBox I can't remember running an emulator on Dreamcast.
  14. Same as all of those weird Wii prototypes. It turns out, it was just bunch of kids with photoshop and too much free time.