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  1. hi well i lost my job afew weeks back.

    now my car needs alot of work. and im selling it and these things to

    get a new car. yes even my loved dvd collection. untill i get employment

    again im strugling.

    heres my auctions.

    if anyone wants to offer GOOD offers on anything let me know before my

    auctions get to 12hours i can then end them. thanks and i hope to start

    collecting in the year again.


  2. thanks yay my pc works

    had major probs with pc. still got no sound device or sound but got the net working.

    ten had browser probs now thts sorted i can see this site.

    ive uploaded some photos. also i just got more gamefans, Sega Visions, and videogame entertainement.

    i got megaplay's, and game players on way to.

    i will get some scans up of my new mags. got to reinstall my cannon mp460 first.



  3. Almost everything is opened up at 25 posts

    Create Blogs

    Create Albums

    Use Signatures

    Use The Tracker

    Add Files To The Download Section

    Ability to Change Display Name

    More PM Storage

    More Reputation Points Available


    yes thanks for your help. my album is now live with magazine cover

    scans and abit of my life. more mag scans coming soon. :)

  4. Just PM Phillyman with the issue and he'll sort it out for you. Sometimes the board software can be a little odd ... he just needs to know and he sorts it out pretty quickly.

    Looking forward to seeing those covers soon I am I am I am ..... biggrin.gif

    done ;)

    and hopfully be uploaded tomorrow

    i need sleep its 2.30am im partyed out.


  5. Amstrad Actions .... nice. I have the complete collection on PDF .... Mort's scans I think ..... but it will be nice to seem them here. The N64 Gamer is new on me though ....never seen them before.

    hi im having major issues with pc so im backing everything up and then reinstalling windows :help: .

    after that i will scan the covers :Yahooo: .

    cool amstrad ones are a nice read. and the n64 ones are called ( n64 magazine ).

    i will be back just as soon as i get this pc up and running again.


  6. hehe me to never know what you can find on

    the way back machine.

    i wished i found the site earlyer if i got back into

    my videogame magazines then i would. i was collecting

    magazines but car ones i have a huge collection of car

    mags. now got the ball rolling on videogame mags lol.

    great you liked post thought someone would. shame they

    dont archive the links ;)

    ahwell i currently looking through those Nintendo Power

    mags that phillyman put on here there great and respect to

    him for them. makes me want them for real now.


  7. yes seems when paypal got took over it all went

    pete tong. it's getting harder for the collectors.

    i saw that 450 mags ad while back and i know that

    if he did send to uk that the cost would be bonkers

    ive just spent a fortune on GameFan mags from usa

    to import them was costly. should get those in 2/3 weeks

    i will scan covers for my Gallery coming soon.

    i have probs getting stuff sent so i feel

    sorry for anyone who is in locations with harder any stuff


    i also used to use nochex website for payment the way paypals

    going i will go back to them. im at my limit with paypal its not

    like they are skint. ive got a refund coming from a 007 case with

    dvds i brought before xmas it arrived scratched so ebayers are bad

    even though the feedback is great. ebayer have kicked there butts.

    but this thing is happeing more and more that brings me to the post

    service its getting worse the more we pay for it. i just hope those

    cvg and gamefans arrive in the condition its sent or this time i will

    sue the post service. anyway going back in topic sorry. i got magazine

    covers scans coming soon.


  8. havn't been here long but thats one great idea :notworthy: .

    i stopped selling stuff on eBay as the fees plus the paypal fees

    i had a right go when paypal took money from my reiceving money. even

    if you get sent a refund payment paypal takes % from it.

    what gets me is eBay and paypal are all but one. just differnt departments.

    i see the future and its not eBay there will be other compition sooner

    or later and im not talking ebid.

    so great idea im with it have if i have some stuff will use it and of course

    will look out for thoses maga i need.

  9. thanks people

    atik: im sorry you lost magazines to it will never happen to me again. when moving

    in the future all my treasures will be moved by my car not removal lorry.

    ive just joined the rat race and aquired some mean machines, cvg, super pro magazines.

    areala: hi areala thanks for the welcome me a mascot hehe think i need to be a member for awhile yet.

    if your looking for a mascot members could do a picture and call him retroman or her retrowomen.

    a super hero kind of person that gives out magazines to people ( as thats what this site does

    archive and give out pdfs ) just a throught.

    anyway thanks for the welcomes im getting afew mags now and i have a cannon printer/scanner so i will upload

    some covers very soon in an album i will make.

    RM :Yahooo:

  10. new member hi heres my story this all started as i saw gamesmaster torrent and

    got back into retro videogames this is a great site and so much

    hard work has gone into it im really pleased.

    im amazed at the value of the old magazines now i used to have

    the full collections of meanmachines, total, superplay, GameFan,

    ulimate, gamezone, snes force, super pro, plus others and alot of

    special overseas mags like videogame ( german mag ) and more. dam

    i could be rich by now lol. i moved and through all that away all in

    mint condition. im kicking myself now but im buying back little by

    little of what i had.

    i was lucky enough to have a friend that brought back stuff from

    hong kong and had loads of magazines from him.

    so really im back in the game and really pleased at this site as

    if stuff does get binned by mistake. at least we can still had a pdf

    of it :)