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  1. Not sure this topic is in the right place, but I can not find the torrent files anywhere. Are the direct downloads the only availability? I kinda prefer the torrents as then I can support the site at the same time. EDIT; Nevermind, found them. Not to easy to find though..
  2. Out of curiosity, is it because of copyright issues? Not sure Nintendo would care enough to make a big deal, but then again... I have noticed that I'm the only one seeding at times and out of gratitude for having downloaded the ones I have I'll continue, but folks, it would be nice to have more people seeding...
  3. Ok folks, I've been seeding the "Nintendo Power" torrents for a while now. I've yet to see the Nintendo Fun Club News torrents[perhaps because they don't exist yet?]. I've read about the Ebay thing. I'm working on putting money together to help out, but funds are tight. Seeding is the best way I can help. I can seed 8KB to 12KB per second per torrent. So if you can get me the torrent files, I'll help out. Also I only have 1988-1998 NP torrents. Are the 1999-2006 torrents available? And do we have access to the "Turbo Force" & "TurboPlay" mags? If so post the torrents and I'll seed those too! Let me know if there is any other way I can help the cause. Later, Lex