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  1. Old Pc Suggestions Wanted

    why doesnt your network allow OS older than win2k? having win98 should allow you to connect to the network. its the fastest way for file transfers. you can even use win98 for internet browsing. if you're not really willing to sink any money there(even a dollar or two) then thats really just the only fast way for file transfers. just install the necessary network protocol(TCP/IP) or use one of your old and slow laplink cables if you have those(serial to serial, parallel to parallel cables). or just spend a few dollars and install a usb card or even just serial to USBport. those things doesnt cost too much nowadays. much better than using floppy or just throwing away that PC.
  2. 7ft Tall Gameboy

    sounds like a PC with just a "gameboy" appearance. never heard of this "official" product before. it must be pretty rare. would it require 3ft gameboy cartridges as well? and i can imagine it would be very very difficult to push those buttons.
  3. Circuit City Ripping Dvds For Customers

    hmm a very interesting article. the same could soon be true for games.
  4. Which Next Gen Systems Are You Gonna Buy?

    ill probably get a PS3 but i will wait until next year when prices have gone down a little and more games are available
  5. Which Magazine Next?

    PSM or EGM sounds good
  6. Matt Damon May Play Young Captain Kirk

    if it makes a lot of money of course they will keep on making it. are you suggesting that paramount drop star trek one of their big money makers?
  7. The Wii Launch Date: My Theory

    i think the comparison to james bond was merely to show that final fantasy series will keep on going after even several new releases. its not limited to a trilogy type release like most movies are i think the real clue in the article is the release date of legend of zelda which will be on....
  8. 4 Connection Ide

    one problem you might have with multiple drives could be the power supply. most times the power supply bundled with PCs can only handle 2 to 3 drives. add a few more and some of your drives could suddenly hang in the middle of reading/writing. 400watts power supply or higher is recommended if you have a lot of drives. i had problems with usb enclosures as well. they're great at the start but after a few months once in a while my pc have problems reading the drive. then after a few more months a chip in the hard drive suddenly got fried. so personally i am trying to stay away from enclosures.
  9. I Found Something Cool I'd Like To Share.

    thats really a very good deal
  10. Sony Psp Peripherals

    Id like to see sony release more peripherals for the PSP. I feel that there should be more peripherals that can be attached to the PSP usb port. maybe a digital camera, keyboard, usb memory sticks.
  11. A Rare Dilemma

    yes. microsoft will be releasing their own protable console soon so they dont want nintendo to have a bigger portable console market.
  12. How many hours a week do you play video games? i play an average of around 20 hours a week.. work really gets in the way of playing. ...
  13. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    well, there is strength in numbers
  14. Matt Damon May Play Young Captain Kirk

    Looks like they would be focusing at the movie for the moment. maybe if it became a big hit they will continue on and make star trek starfleet academy tv series.
  15. Scratched Dvds

    minor scratches may occur when you're playing the discs. you should be careful though of scratches not only at the bottom but also at the top of the discs. a deep enough scratch may result in unreadable parts of the disc.