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  1. Yeah who could forget that dickwad asshole Goofus and that goody-goody suck up Gallant?
  2. If anyone could do the Highlights for Children magazine that'd be so so awesome.
  3. You can find my thoughts on this in more detail at Nintendo Age. But yes I too most definitely must have actual cartridges/discs because like my baseball/football/basketball card collection and UK books and Peanuts books and so on, they are collecting hobbies to me. And no offense but a list of downloaded files is not a collection. And with the downloaded games (especially on what I consider the "bush leagues" of gaming, touchscreen tablet/phone games) they could just go "poof" and disappear as soon as the company no longer "feels like" hosting them for download. Whereas discs/cartridges will always be there..they don't just magically disappear. Also, I remember a few years ago I gave my wife the complete set (at the time) of her favorite singer Carrie Underwood's albums on actual CDs. And of course she was excited/happy to receive them...but how would it be if all she found in the package was slips of paper with download codes? I know there are those who insist download only is inevitable and that I shouldn't be such a fuddy duddy traditionalist. But screw it, I have to be able to collect games too and be able to have them proudly displayed on my shelf.
  4. Estil

    What is considered a retro game?

    I was at the heart of the sixth gen when I was in college (early 2000s) and I can't believe it's already considered retro. :(
  5. I do think those extra chapters or whatnot they included in the PSP version of FF4 does look interesting...I'm tempted to get a PSP just for that (and I like how unlike the DS you can play PSP games on the TV with a special hookup).
  6. I forget are they doing a remake of FF9 or not? I don't yet have a PS3 (much less a PS4!) but of the trilogy of PS1 FF's, FF9 is by far my favorite (even if FF7 (and in the SNES's case FF6) is the one that gets all the attention). I wouldn't mind seeing what they could do with that one in terms of remaking/upgrading it! Then again I do have a WiiU and they did do WiiU remakes/upgrades for Zelda Wind Waker and soon Twilight Princess...I'm not sure if I should bother with those though, aren't the GC versions good enough?
  7. Estil

    New Releases: NextGen Issues 82, 83, and 84

    Once again burning that midnight/3AM whatever oil! How far does this magazine go anyway? I remember seeing a few late 90s issues but I had no idea it made it to at least the end of 2001.
  8. You guys sure are closing the gaps in the EGM collection aren't ya? I hope the 2000s decade Nintendo Powers will soon follow!
  9. Estil

    New Release: NextGen Issue 66 (June 2000)

    Somebody's burning the midnight oil!
  10. Estil

    Retromags Cut Off Date Extended!

    I was hoping you guys would do that! Now we just need all those 2000-2004 Nintendo Power issues up...
  11. If Sony and especially M$ also try this whole "no used games stunt", then Nintendo will already win the 8th gen console war before it even starts. So it looks like the "not a real 8th gen console that has the funny college name" may end up having the last laugh.
  12. Estil

    Nintendo Power magazine to cease publication

    Forgive me if this has already been asked but in light of NP retiring and it now being late 2012, is now the right time to push ahead the cutoff year? I'd love to have at least the 2000-2005 NP's so the GBA and GameCube eras are covered, though for that you might also need 2006....
  13. Hi, I think RetroMags does outstanding work and it's great to be able to read these classic magazines. That being said, is there anyway someone could upload the PDF format Nintendo Power issues #12 and #79? They got all the others up to at least #110 and it would be fantastic to be able to read the whole set up to at least that point. Thanks!