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  1. Hello Retromaggers! I'm on a quest for Famitsu Bros Japanese monthly magazines from 1997. If you have any leads, please drop me a line!
  2. Skimming though individual pages, I couldn't help but laugh at the page break on 59. "Good, bad or ugly?" indeed.
  3. I'm really excited because I just ordered one of these through their Indiegogo campaign, and I wanted to share what looks to be one of the swiftest, easiest and most aesthetically pleasing scanners I have ever seen. If this works as well as advertised, this could be a godsend for scanning and autocorrecting books and magazines without the need for debinding and essenially destroying our collections. I myself have several old gaming books in mind to scan, and intend to share my experience and results here once the product ships sometime early next year. If anyone wants to get in on it now, there are still 3 weeks left for the campaign as of this writing. It sounds like it will be commercially available next year at a higher retail cost. (Not sure how the pricing behind that works, but I suppose the campaign is part discount based on ordering directly and paying well in advance?) The basic campaign goal has already been met, but they have a stretch goal of reaching 1.5 million US dollars for which they will donate 50 scanners to schools throughout the US and China. Not sure if they'll reach that goal, but I imagine they might just do that anyway as it's a really positive PR move, good for attracting media and customer attention. I almost hate to give such glowing praise to something for fear that it will turn out to be far less than I dreamed of, but I admittedly have high hopes for this. Also they have a nice little mat that cradles the bindings of hardcover books in some of their videos, something like that seems useful to have though perhaps it is unnecessary.
  4. End of an era, indeed. I always wonder when things like this happen whether it's not a sign from the universe that it's time to grow up and move on... Quit screwing with me universe,! < /Gamer4life >
  5. Dang, all these years I thought it was one of those tins popcorn came in. I had a friend in the second grade who had this, and tons of other NP/NES swag. Good thing I didn't eat out of it!
  6. Incomprehensible Magic Train - in the style of Katamari Damacy comes this whimsical puzzle-style adventure! What is the train? How is it magic? It's incomprehensible!
  7. It would be great to get some more Famimagas and Famitsus on Retromags. Looking forward to your progress!
  8. Pretty interesting read. Poison and Birdo I was already familiar with, but a lot of the rest was new to me. I confess I did get slightly hung up on the article using the SNES controller as the icon of "1980s" though. I get that they wanted 4 buttons on the face for their edits, but still, SNES will always be a 90s console to me.
  9. I think the crowd has spoken as far as the movie's ranking. I do have a soft spot for the movie myself, though I'll admit it disappointed me when it first came out. I enjoyed many of the references to the games and Nintendo peripherals, and the feel of a dark alternate dinosaur-descended New York... but it just wasn't what I was looking for in a Mario movie I suppose. I still collected the Seven-eleven cups and toys and such that summer, got 3 of the main action figures that I wanted. Looked around everywhere for a goomba action figure too but never did find one. Nowadays ebay makes tracking one down easy, but whoops-a-Daisy! I kind of don't care anymore. I'd like it if Nintendo put this, both the Mario & Donkey Kong cartoon series, and the old Mario anime OVA onto a collector's edition bluray. Nostaligia fiends would swarm.
  10. Choose just one? Your rules are too cruel, Areala!
  11. Really curious to try this, at least once. I probably go to a BK once a year, now I know what to look for next time.
  12. Sad Mega Man 2 didn't make it higher, but it certainly had tough competition from out "of all time." I need to watch it now just to hear them explain why Link to the Past is #2. Not saying I have a problem with that, it just seems like an unusual opinion.
  13. Certainly did! I used to even be able to remember what games and what Howard & Nester comics and even which Power Player Profiles were in each one... of course, it was easier back then when there were less issues than states...
  14. It was Nintendo Power Issue 19, but you've probably found that out already.
  15. My family used to get those "What's Hot For Kids" mini magazines back in the 80s, I could swear one of those had a video game cover, but I have no tangible evidence for it unfortunately.