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  1. I'm sure you guys are already aware, but this issue needs a rescan.
  2. Sega really shot themselves in the dick with this one.
  3. Keep getting 502 Bad Gateway whenever I try to download this.
  4. I received that Star Fox 64 VHS tape as well. I still have it.
  5. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing this digitally preserved.
  6. Indeed. You would think us fans would be all about preserving this stuff, but that's never really been the case. We tend to horde stuff for nostalgic/collectors purposes. Would any of the guides you plan on scanning include some of the MK guides by chance? That would be a much appreciated sacrifice.
  7. I always purchased my mags from a local bookstore back in the day, so I'm quite certain it wasn't a subscriber supplement. If it is in fact from issue #50, I suppose it's just missing from the copy I purchased from eBay, which is a bummer. In my years of searching for a mint/near-mint replacement copy, one thing I've noticed about this issue that's kind of interesting is that newsstand copies appear to have at least two variations of the Jungle Strike sticker on the cover (green and yellow), while subscription copies appear to have no sticker at all aside from the address sticker that's usually torn off.
  8. An eBay seller claims this GamePro supplement is from the September 1993 issue (the cover uses the same art). The thing is, I recently purchased a near-mint copy of said issue to replace the one I had originally bought (and didn't take very good care of) in 1993, and it doesn't include this poster. It does, however, include a Jungle Strike strategy poster, so I'm not sure why it would have two posters. And before you ask, the MK poster has a white back according to the seller. So that rules out the possibility that it's on the reverse side of the Jungle Strike poster. I recall having this poster on my wall way back when, but that's all I can remember. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. I'm surprised a lot of the old MK strategy guides haven't been preserved yet.
  10. He's probably one of those people who frequents garage sales and antique shops only to resell it on eBay with a 500-1000% markup. Lol at his Shiny Metallic Arsenopyrite listings, which vary in size but all cost $39.99.
  11. Ha. I wish that were the case. I'm tempted to troll him with a daily offer of 1 penny until he takes it down or lowers the price.
  12. He claims he saw one sell for that much online. The thing is, the seller he's talking about accepted an undisclosed OBO. I doubt he got anything remotely close to that.