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  1. What can I say I love older games, I actually got my start on a Coleco Gemini. Then worked my way up with stops at the Genesis, PS1, and a couple of portables until finally my latest purchase a PSP. You might be surprised by this I actually got it for the classic gaming collections out there rather than any modern game...even though I own a few.

    I really love playing some games I honestly never heard of before like The Knights of the Round on my Capcom Classic Collection reloaded it's a really fantastic game. The same can be said for ever new find for example Capcom Classic Collection reloaded has this great version of 1941. Namco Museum Battle Collection where just about ever game is fantastic. Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play, Taito Legends Power Up are both great but the real find was SNK Arcade and Top Hunter. I wonder why I never heard of such a great game.

    Meanwhile Hot Pixel and Space Invaders Extreme are modern takes on what is really old school.

    I even found a few emulators that work on my non modded model. One for the NES what can I say I love the Donkey Kong games, and one for the 7800 what can I say Food Fight is fun.

    You can go modern, yet be old school.

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  2. On the other hand I never had any problems with either 4shared which has bumped up my free limit to 15 GB or even Dropbox which now has a 2.5 GB limit. Then there are cloud storage such as what Gmail and Hotmail offers.

    Back up EVERYTHING should be the motto of everyone with a computer. You don't know what is going to dead on you, hell your computer could be hit with a virus that just about kills it. Then what would you do.

  3. I am not a superhardcore collector but I do have some things i would have to think twice if I ever did decide to sell

    Contra Hard Corps Genesis

    Phantasy Star SMS

    Discworld PS1

    Zelda Oracle of Seasons Gameboy

    Interact Barracuda PS1 controller, I was told by someone on the Atari Age chat that this controller is so rare there is almost nothing on it anywhere. Including a copy of the manual which I have been looking for since I bought the thing on closeout...which turned out good and bad. Good, because it's an excellent controller. Bad, because I got it after Interact was gone and no way to get a copy of the manual. I make a deal out of that because it's programmable and it has 3 settings 2 of which I have no idea what they do. Beside I haven't a clue how to program it.

  4. I am talking to all of you like me who has submitted stuff that E-Day later posted to Megaupload. We know that stuff is unavailable and who knows if the rumors I heard will even happen. What I am suggesting is this upload those same files to whatever file hosting site you signed in to and submit your own link. That is what I plan on doing.

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