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  1. Greetings! For those who don't know me, I used to upload a Mexican publication that this last December ended business (after 23 glorious years), and it had the iconic name of Club Nintendo. I got into designing and managed to publish some cool stuff related to videogames on Nintendo Age like the black box version of Ice Hockey, an old Taito styled version of Renegade (for the NES), Breath of Fire II retranslated for the SNES, FEDA: The emblem of fire for the SNES, and some other things. So 4-5 years have passed since then, and i want to re-upload my scans in an easy way, is it possible? my old thread still exists and it even preserves some of the pictures from my imageshack account (http://community.retromags.com/topic/6193-vladis-work-in-progress/). Thanks in the advance, Vladi vladictivo.deviantart.com
  2. Volume 1 # 11 (October, 1992) submitted Next on the list:
  3. Oh boy oh boy, this issue made me the happiest gamer on earth on April of 1997. I, as many of you, I know, love the art related to videogames. Well, this special issue is a small compilation of original artworks from several games. I know you're gonna love it (once I scan it and upload it ). I tell you, this is by far the best special issue from Club Nintendo.
  4. Released on April of 1998. It is the worst videogame magazine of all the time... Back on the days I was like "wtf, no photos and only text" .
  5. Released on July of 1992. Tips, tricks and passwords... Tons of them!
  6. Back from July of 1993. Similar to the GamePro Special issue.
  7. Alternative cover (there were 2 versions). It came out in April of 2006.
  8. Scan it with 600dpi resolution and then adjust it to 300 dpi if you want even the bacteria to appear on the paper
  9. Volume 1 # 10 (September, 1992) submitted Next issue to scan:
  10. More Adv. For Mexico and South America.
  11. Vladi


    Advertisement for Mexico and South America.
  12. Advertisement for Mexico and South America.
  13. Some advertisement for Mexico and South America
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