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  1. I have the Mario RPG PDF from this site, but I don't have any server space I can use. Is there someone (PM me, please) that I could temporarily send it to who could then re-upload it? ...that being said, is Mega an option?
  2. I do prefer PDFs as well, would be nice if there were both formats and I didn't have to go through and convert them.
  3. MegaUpload had legitimate content, and I'm sure there will be lawsuits of some type following this (unlike NinjaVideo or the like, this has legitimate content), so I wouldn't give up yet. A crushing blow, but not a fatal one. In the meantime, let's try to gather up downloaded copies. I know I have several Nintendo Power and EGM issues, as well as a few player's guides.
  4. The advertisement for when it came out on Mac first (by a few months) was funnier, I think. It came on two pages, and was like this (description by comp/mag, a blog I run. As soon as you open the magazine, there's a funny two-page ad for Yoot Tower, the sequel to SimTower in which there's a skyscraper, with large windows, all of which are dark and empty, except for one, in which someone is mooning those who watch on the outside. The text reads "our deepest apologies to pc users, but Yoot™ Tower is coming out on mac first. get your copy at" I'll scan it in full soon.
  5. And in German versions of anything, if the Nazi references weren't scrubbed in the US version, they would definitely be gone in the German version.
  6. Boo, doesn't work anymore...[link broken]
  7. Pseudo3D

    E3 1997

    Hello. I was looking for a magazine circa 1997 (post-E3) that talked about Maxis Software at E3. What I've read was that Maxis showed off a 3D SimCity 3000: and I'm curious about more information. Maxis did have several games planned (or so I've read) before EA bought them in 1997. They might've mentioned them in the articles.
  8. Pseudo3D

    Site Suggestions

    I left a several months ago after getting irritated that many things were not in PDF form (only CBZ). Although I could run CBZ and could convert to PDF, I preferred PDF, and wished all downloads could hold the same standards. I came here after my email started to send me messages about Retromags.
  9. I've been kind of interested in seeing the counterpart of Nintendo Power in the began as a Mean Machines spin off called "Nintendo Magazine System", then "Nintendo Magazine", "Nintendo Official Magazine", then "Nintendo Official Magazine UK" before being killed in early 2006 and relaunched with a new name and new staff. Are there any copies available?
  10. Oh, do you know where the other two parts of it are? I never found them...
  11. I scanned a N64DD article that I printed out ( and also this article here (, though for the IGN64 article, there's no Part I or III anymore, sadly. Maybe can help you.