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  1. Thank you, kitsunebi77! That's the one. I asked about this years ago to no avail. Very interesting background info, JHD. Yes, that's the ad I remember. Thanks for the input!
  2. I'm trying to find a gaming magazine from the late '90s, probably 1998 or '99. The cover had neon orange lettering and a 3D rendering of diverse characters running outward, I think holding guns. One was a blonde nurse with white and red trim, and probably holding a syringe - likely a PS1, PC, or Dreamcast title. Inside was an article featuring an illustration of a blonde/redhead girl with pigtails and cutoff shorts, straddling an alligator. I've looked all over the database to no avail. If you have any idea what games those might be, I'd appreciate it.
  3. Back in 1999, I was given a bunch of video game magazines. The cover of one in particular had computer/3D art of characters running together, including a blond nurse holding a syringe and some big bulky characters with blasters - probably a game for PlayStation or PC. The issue had to be no earlier than 1996 or '97 and no later than '99. I think the magazine title was neon orange or green. I thought it was GamePro but checked the gallery and didn't see it. An interior article also had art of a devious, smiling girl with small pigtails and cutoff shorts riding an alligator. If anyone has any clue what games these were or what magazine this was, I'd very much appreciate your comments. The magazine got tossed out somehow but had some great articles.