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  1. If you eat the "caravan special" you're going to be sweating meat for 3 days. I'm not saying don't; just a heads up. #tweetyour16yearoldself

  2. You know the locals are a bit inbred when your bottle of beer gets served in a plastic pint glass at 4pm

  3. 17 books isn't minimalist, but hey. RT @karolgajda 17 Minimalist Guides, Normally $224.54, Just $27 For 3 Days Only! http://bit.ly/9RrECr

  4. Magazines are going to Out of Print Archive as they responded first.
  5. I have hundreds of UK magazines from the 90s that I'd like to donate. Lots of Future and Imagine publishing stuff, all Super Plays, many Total, NMS, Super Gamer, N-Force etc. I'd love to keep them but don't have the space, nor the time to scan them in. You guys are welcome to them, if there's a place in the UK I can send them to. I would be willing to pay the shipping cost as long as I could one day see them as digital downloads.
  6. Oh good, I've caught a cold just in time for the bank holiday

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