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  1. it's ok now thanks for your help With regards
  2. Hello Sorry for the mistake it's not the 27 but the 21 who have this probleme... sorry again
  3. Hello I am NeoGeoCDWorld or kuk in some other forum I am french, and i collect the maximun information on the Neogeo CD, so i know your forum in this case of course i am interest by all SNK stuff, but by Atari too (I have a lot atari computer) my other hobbies are History and litteratur, and baroque/jazz musique (not in the same...) With regards
  4. neogeocdworld

    edge "error"

    hello I would to report two impossible Download on edge N°8: Download File button no present edge N°27: link not present in Megaupload With regards
  5. Goods news and think for this donation
  6. Hello First thanks with your work, it help me so much I try to have the maximun information on the neogeo CD (and it's not veru easy) So if you remember some article on your magazine it will very helpful I have these page in french and specifically for the article on it A just for info Edge Issue 021 June 1995 are down With regards