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  1. The sound effects... dear god, the sound effects...
  2. I got my PS1 chipped back in the day so I could play US imports - living in the UK, there was no way in hell I'd get to see Persona 2 or Parasite Eve any other way. More recently, I got my Xbox softmodded so I could run Emulators and stream stuff from the PC. Strangely, both times, I've only rarely indulged in copied games. A good 90% of the games I have for both are totally legit. It's only games like Final Fantasy Tactics, which most of you will know was notoriously hard to get for a long time (and never released in the UK again) that I've copied.
  3. EGM of the 80s and 90s would be good. Fond memories of the large features they did on games like Phantasy Star 4. Same goes for EGM2, they had some great articles in there, and the guides they started doing later were useful too, as they often covered lesser-known games.
  4. Ah yes, I remember this one fondly. It was about twice the price of everything else out there at the time but packed with about three times the news and info. Such a shame that it died so early. I think I have an issue somewhere, but not certain enough to offer to pass it on or scan it I'm afraid. And if I was, I'd be sure it would be in bad condition from overreading (if such a thing is possible). But when this is finally scanned, I heartily recommend people get on this, since it's right up there with Super Play as one of the best UK mags out there.
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    What Interests You?

    EGM and EGM2/Expert Gamer. EGM2 was great back in the 16-bit days.