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  1. I have sent OoPA 2 emails stating that I am banned from registering, and even posted over at their racketboy thread asking them to allow me to register. I have yet to get an email from them, so until I do this is the most viable place to ask. Don't you think that the ones that are over a decade old and not produced anymore could be made the exception? You guys would get a ton of people here that would be interested in scanning various magazines I am sure.
  2. You guys are going to hate me for posting so much lol, but I still have to ask on the behalf of all Dreamcast fans. Does anyone know if ANY of these magazines have been scanned at all? Official US Dreamcast Magazine Complete run of the Official US Dreamcast Magazine (12 issues). The Official Dreamcast Magazine was a video game magazine for the Sega Dreamcast published in the United States of America. The magazine's initial issue "0" was released in June 1999, a full 3 months before the launch of the system. This rare issue (bottom centre) featured Sonic the Hedgehog on a black cover, along with the launch date and some of the system's unique features. The magazine then ran for twelve issues from the September 1999 Dreamcast launch to March/April 2001, shortly after Dreamcast was discontinued. Official UK Dreamcast Magazine Complete run (21 issues (0-21)) of the official UK Dreamcast Magazine. The Official Dreamcast Magazine was a video game magazine published by Dennis Publishing in the United Kingdom between 1999 and 2001. The magazine featured news, reviews, previews and features on Sega Dreamcast games. The magazine held the official magazine license for the Dreamcast in the UK and featured a DreamOn demo disc on almost every cover. The magazine also featured complete games Sega Swirl and Planet Ring on its front cover. DC-UK A third party UK Dreamcast magazine, complete run. DC-UK was a Sega Dreamcast video game magazine published by Future Publishing in the United Kingdom. Its first issue was published in August 1999 and it ran until 2001.
  3. Man, it is such a shame that the magazines were bigger than a standard hime scanner can handle. I just wish that somebody would scan us DC fans magazines to preserve them like all these others systems mags are. So is it true that no mags after 98 are allowed, or is that rule out the window now?
  4. I am trying to compile all the Half-Life Dreamcast articles from every major publication that reviewed or previewed it. I have this so far. Source Source I am also looking for these 2 magazines with hands on articles. Offical French OCDM. And a certain issue of CVG magazine from the UK. It had Lara Croft on the cover from Tomb Raider Chronicles (she's wearing a white top). Not sure of the year or issue, but it should be from sometime in 2000. I saw an issue here with Lara Croft on the cover, but it is not that one, that is from 1998, 2 years before the game was supposed to come out. I know that the Half-Life VS book was published and sent to retail shelves before the game was to be released. I know some of you here might have the guide book and was wondering if you could be so nice as to do full scans of it for all us HLDC fans. They are highly expencive as the game was never comercialy released, and it was a fully finished game ready to be pressed to discs. These guides were only sold on ebay for like 1 day. They go for $75 new! I figured this would be the best place to ask for them, as you guys would know better than anybody else where I could get them. Thanks in advanced and enjoy reading what I have so far!
  5. Your wish is my command! How do I link the megaupload link to the magazine page? Good thing I downloaded it or you wouldn't have it now! I just want to make a request though, could somebody PLEASE scan the US ODCM? I am having trouble finding any scans which I think is due to the fact that the magazines were somewhat larger than normal mags, so a big scanner would need to be used to scan them. Anyway, even though I am American, I love reading the UK version of mags too to see how things are done over the pond. I would LOVE to have a digital collection of all English ODCM made. Should be 24 magazines there in total. It would also be great to have the French ODCM too and German and spanish versions if the too exsist. I only know of the french one for sure.
  6. Did you mean this issue Thore? It is EGM bt is a "Dreamcast issue" Anyway, here is issue #0. I just wish that others would scan the full 12 issues. It was published bimonthly, so it actualy lasted for 2 years, but thats why 12 seems very little. They did come out with a holiday issue during christmes I think though, but other than that all were made bimonthly.