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  1. Ey pman what about adding some czech/slovakian publications into database ? This site contains 200+ complete magazine issues:
  2. but please leave the content (files) unpacked so i can join the swarm with my stuff. CBR and PDFs and of course leave the original file naming.
  3. that with the MU was definitelly bummer. I can help with a seed on torrent. Got almost 75 gigs and 700kb upload. Count me in.
  4. Shadow of the beast 2 (Sega CD) Yo! Joe (Amiga) Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)
  5. romanemul

    Site Suggestions

    I mean TV shows section. Bad Influence is a Tv Show hosted by UK TV presenting new games. Here is a part of it
  6. romanemul

    Site Suggestions

    Ever thinking about making video mags section ? Bad Influence!, Gamesmaster , Game Pro , Video Power etc.. I think they are "Retro" and "Mags" also. Check videos:
  7. 2) Castlevania Symphony of the Night 3) Tetris Attack 5) Super Mario Bros 3 7) Sonic the hedgehog 1 8) Streets of rage 13) Street Fighter 2 16) Final Fantasy Tactics 17) Resident Evil 19) UN Squadron? 25) Megaman 8 27) Mortal Kombat 2 or 3 31) Super Mario Bros 32) Dizzy?