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  1. Rest in peace Misawa-Sensei. Thank you for everything! Even six years later, we will ALWAYS remember the Emerald Road To Eternity....

  2. Hey Frank, remember this?

  3. Isn't it sad when people would rather talk shit about other people than try to help you out or be there for you?That's another major issue. You should be there for someone because you really want to help or be around them. Not because you have a mutual hatred for someone or just because you need to talk shit about people behind their backs. We used to have a code of honor. A code of brotherhood. What ever happened to that?This is another reason why we cannot move on.

  4. I need to get something off my chest that may be strange to a lot of you, but those who I'm talking to will get it.It's truly a sad fucking day when people misrepresent themselves and get away with it.Back in the day, if someone were to claim they are from the streets when they weren't, they'd get popped. Nowadays, they just blend in. You motherfuckers want to pop someone? Stop popping caps in police and start popping motherfuckers who claim to be hood when they're not.What HAPPENED...

  5. Fifteen minutes in and ALREADY I'm ready to punch the TV. Nice of them to ruin all the storylines and pushes as of recent and ruin the title match of the Royal Rumble by adding someone who ALREADY has a title shot as the Money in the Bank winner. Now watch Ziggler lose his push by dropping the belt to Barrett.SAVE US, NEW JAPAN!

  6. NOT looking forward to seeing RAW tonight. UFC and Wrestle Kingdom spoiled the hell out of mr

  7. From Blade Braxton's comment wall about today's Arlington Screwjob:"I'm expecting that game to end up on Pornhub considering it featured 46 men getting screwed by 7 officials."

  8. So, Blade. Will I hear you refer to today's Cowboys-Lions game as the "Arlington Screwjob"? Because that's exactly what it was.....

  9. The sad realization that after UFC 182 and Wrestle Kingdom 9 back to back, tomorrow night's RAW will be hard to watch because you know it will not even come close to being as good as those two shows.....

  10. AMAZING SHOW! Kudos to New Japan Pro Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, Jim Ross, Jeff Jarrett, Matt Striker, and everyone else who made this possible for us to see this show live.The BEST Puroresu show I've seen in YEARS!

  11. As a longtime fan of DDT Puroresu, it is just mind blowing and amazing to see Kota Ibushi not just in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but in the co-main event of their Wrestlemania.To see him and Shinsuke Nakamura tear the house down in the match of the night if not the entire YEAR, just brought some happy tears to my eyes. To see my buddy Luis Irizarry who's never really had the privilege to see an Ibushi match watch in awe and become a fan of his, it's priceless.Go for the gold, kid. You des...

  12. Wrestle Kingdom 9 is going to be AMAZING! Order it! If it succeeds, then they will also bring AAA Triplemania and the G1 Climax Finals to PPV! As a wrestling fan, you NEED to order this either tonight or the prime time replay tomorrow night at 7PM!

  13. UFC and Wrestle Kingdom 9. Here we go. Up till 6AM fuckers! This is MY New Year's Party lol