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  1. These all went to Meppi from outofprintarchive and KiwiArcader. Delete the thread please!
  2. I still have a lot of magazines left. Issues 2,3,4, 9-36, 39-42, 44-49 and 51. Get at them!
  3. Meppi says he only needs four issues of the ones I have. As far as I'm concerned, you can have the rest, since you're willing to scan them and all. Sending them out a few at a time is no problem for me. How about I send you out 5 kilos (105 NZ$ in shipping) worth of magazines every month?
  4. I live in Switzerland. These are the costs for shipping: SHIPPING. New Zealand is Zone 5. 10 issues weigh around 3.5 kg, which costs 77 CHF which are around 105 New Zealand Dollars. (see www.xe.com ) Let me know. I give priority to people who are willing to scan the issues and upload them on websites like this one.
  5. I have a whole bunch of N64 Magazine I want to get rid of. I do not have time to scan them, sadly, so I'm offering to send them to anyone who wants them, as long as you pay for the postage. I have all numbers from 2 to 104 (when it became NGC magazine). To be clear, this is what I'm talking about: Any interest please let me know!
  6. I have a bunch of N64 Magazines, the ones from the UK published by Future publishing. Does anyone have interest in them?
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