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  1. mpx

    PSX (Croatia)

    Here is another rare surprise > croatian PlayStation magazine PSX PSX broj 1: PSX broj 9:!kGpQlSiQ!08k7cuGAuiPTViRnLX-U-riyMuBYtNRb79gCryqYs4o PSX broj 10:!9D4zFCJZ!l2MwGTAaUkEXX4aoJtqTVYtPnaP_R217RtMndom9sM8 PSX broj 11: PSX broj 15: PSX broj 26:!YfpigaAR!FH8JCt6GjR8rSGU-zxErvhALxtT_kGTvTJLP-20mNGw PSX broj 33:!tKY0FK4B!LNySzOWJwnk_2Wlp71A4t5sy5hJkwQV_KCMjEQJAKZw PSX broj 34:!AGokhAzD!f_tIx2UFrmICEUk7c9l76wsO3XqzqPFzS7uKSoMNQl4 PSX broj 36: Not my scans, found it on serbian EmuGlx forum; scaned by Mile88.
  2. - Službeni hrvatski PlayStation Magazin issue 21 Not my scan, found it online.
  3. Last year I started thread about misterious UK PlayStation Magazine, but only one respons was in it. Now, I have found thas someone is selling 5 issues! There is no information about this magazine on internet. Does someone know more about it?
  4. Last year I started thread about misterious UK PlayStation Magazine, but only one respons was in it. Now, I have found thas someone is selling 5 issues! There is no information about this magazine on internet. Does someone knoe more information about it?
  5. I need help I found some cover scans of unknown obscure PlayStation UK PlayStation magazines, but its hard do find additional informations about them. First magazine name is PlayStation Magic Look like kids magazine judging by cover. Seconda magazine has strange name NU PlayStation ??? Tagline is The Next Generation PlayStation Magazine. This is first time that I hear for this magazines, and Meppy from Out Of Print Archive is also confused with existence of this magazines. Can someone identify publishers? Both of them have tag New on right side, so maybe only first issue was published?
  6. Hello mpxHR, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

  7. FvOFYZ5Cm2I] According to Gamespot Capcom officialy announced game in April 1999 and Japan release date was planned for Winter 1999. Name of the game was Onimusha: Demon Warrior. I manage to find one page prescreen in EDGE. I havent played PS2 Onimusha but according to article, plot is same as in released version. Engine is Resident Evil 2 engine and its stated that in Japanese launch preview only one level was available. Accordning to EDGE release date for game was Christmas (Japan). According to wikipedia: The PS1 version of Onimusha was about 50% complete before it was cancelled. Here is link to "rumor"about Onimusha switching to PS2. At Tokyo Game Show 1999. Capcom offical announcedthat Onimusha became PlayStation 2 videogame. Tentative release date was summer 2000. Here are more info from IGN. Here is something important: Capcom on that TGS released 3 videos of PSX version: Intro CG, Battle montage and Puzzles and battles. I cant find this videos only. According to GIA: Of particular interest is the introduction movie, highlighting some of the most realistic human figures ever seen in computer-generated FMV. I managed to find E3 2000. Onimusha and Dino Crisis 2 video. Here is information about game from GIA. They is some wrong info that Onimusha started as N64 game which is false. There is also info about first videos of Onimusha on Japanese TV from February 2000. Users from HG101 and Assembler Games forum have uploaded more scans from Japanese and French magazines with information about game and here are links: Denkegi PlayStation June 1999 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Do you have more informations, scans or videos about game?
  8. Thanks Yes I have this issue Its from January 1998 - PC Play issue 0 (pilot issue).
  9. Here is something obscure For the first time you can find info on english I hope you will enjoy
  10. I wrote post in HG101 forum about videogame magazines in Croatia. I hope you will enjoy it
  11. Here is some unusual magazine scan Enjoy
  12. thnx well i found that blog but too bad that there isnt updates :( last entry was in 2009 issue 8.
  13. btw I hope that you enjoyed in this 1.0 version of zip files any sugestion, advice or assistant for updated version?
  14. Here is small update I have created facebook web page about this project You can join on UK PSM CCP
  15. I have today upload on megaupload images of UK Official PlayStation Magazine covers Images I have found with help of google search on various web sites. I have download images and compiled it in one zip file. Image quality varies from hiqh quality to average images. It isnt complete because around 20 - 30 issues covers i havent found :(