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  1. I wonder is this will go down in price in due time. I certainly do want one. I just don't want to pony up $200
  2. I just got this bute of a deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/190709880778?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  3. I will get one... eventually... I really like the vita but I don't play handhelds nearly enough to justify buying one at the current price. Also the lack of support from SOny and 3rd parties is troubling.
  4. The lack of a second analog disc is troubling. I'm still waiting for a model that has it built in.
  5. Video Game commercials are becoming more sparse. But in the 90's (my childhood) there was plenty of awesome ones.
  6. I'm not much of an Atari man. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
  7. Most Recent Purchase: Need For Speed: The Run $8 (with code) at Gamefly. I kind of like even thought it flopped critically. Though I probably wouldn't like it if I paid full retail TBH. Next Likley Purchase: Amazing Spider-Man. I hope this games is as good as it looks! Games I want that are already out: Syndicate, SSX, Max Payne 3, Darksiders.
  8. Street of Rage 2 had the best soundtrack on the Genesis. But, Genesis, was terrible for sound. The sound was always inferior to that of SNES. Maximum Carnage was a glaring example of this.
  9. I'm sure everbody know's how this goes. List games you think deserve a sequel. I'll start 1. Shenmue - The story simply needs an ending! 2. Vectorman - If done in vein of Super Metroid, this game can sell 3. Rival Schools/ Project Justice- Capcom needs another key fighter other than Street Fighter. (at least a rerelease would shut me up!) 4. Jet Set Radio - I have yet to meet a person who doesnt like this franchise. GET ON IT SEGA! 5. Alien Soldier - I would love an HD update to this obscure title.
  10. Bioshock at #3 really!? I understand that this game tells a great story but there are many games that do. I'm all for it being on the list but at #3!? Ahead of half-life no less. I always review lists with an open mind but this pick is pretty bad in my opinion.
  11. A recent game that had a great soundtrack was, Shadows of the Damned.
  12. Mr Uppercut Only game I play online is Halo Reach Not much of a multi-player gamer.
  13. I'm honestly shocked Jet Force Gemini hasn't seen a XBLA release like the rest of Rare's games.
  14. Well this isn't so much me asking for a remake, I am really asking for a sequel. Vectorman 3 please!!! In my dreams this sequels would play more akin to Castlevania STON, Super Metroid, Shadow Complex. It can be done.
  15. Even though the ending was clear from the begining, Crisis Core still moved the hell out of me. Still get sad thinking about it.
  16. XBOX 360 - 78 Games Nintnedo 64 - 55 Saturn - 32 I havent gotten a count of my other consoles. I'm sure its not more than those.
  17. Just throwing out an idea. Lets have a section dedicated showing off game rooms and individual collections. Also, have some tips and guides for buying, selling, and archiving. Basically a section for serious collectors.
  18. 1. Castlevania: SOTN 2. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins 3. Gran Turismo 2 4. Metal Gear Solid 5. Legend of Dragoon 6. Rival Schools 7. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 8. Resident Evil 2 9. Tekken 2 10. FF 8
  19. Own all of them. Play the 360 the most. Its what most of my friends have.
  20. I never got into Skyrim. The Fantasy/ Medevil setting is just not my thing. But I still feel like I am missing out.
  21. Definitley not dying. But creators are taking less risks. The most innovative games are download only while the major releases or more and more the same.
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