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  1. Pretty awesome fan made Walking Dead alternate intro

  2. The funniest moment in The Sopranos

  3. Everybody compares The Hunger Games to Battle Royale but nobody compares Battle Royale to The Running Man.

  4. How come Cyclops optic blast never blasts his eyelids off?

  5. I don't really know if I like the suit in the new Spider-man. Though I'm still pumped for the flick

  6. I guess I'm rooting for the Packers now... Lets go Rogers

  7. Jeez when my mom is able to notice something wrong, then its really noticeable.

  8. Not really crazy about the Packer but I am a huge Aaron Rogers fan. Go Green Bay. Don't let Ben go crazy like he does in bathroom stalls.

  9. Sega AM2 has made a lot of great games in the past 2 decades. Yet when we talk about great studios that name is never mentioned.

  10. So I'm finally apart of a writing team!

  11. Sucks I really wanted to read Spawn 200 today but the snow is piling out there.

  12. The new spidey movie costume has the web shooters. Looks like they are not going the organic way which is pretty awesome.

  13. There was one book I was sure I was going to read in my graphic novel literature class and that was Watchmen. This class is too easy!

  14. Watchinng Wrestlemania, Undertaker and Triple H put on an awesome match!

  15. Went a little crazy spending money on Sega Saturn games. What can I say it makes me happy.

  16. What cause Wizard to shut down? I mean the magazine has been of low quality for some time but this is shocking.

  17. Wide awake watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I love this movie! But its gonna be 5 soon, I should attempt to sleep.

  18. Yay finally got a new job!

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