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  1. Most Recent Purchase: Need For Speed: The Run $8 (with code) at Gamefly. I kind of like even thought it flopped critically. Though I probably wouldn't like it if I paid full retail TBH.

    Next Likley Purchase: Amazing Spider-Man. I hope this games is as good as it looks!

    Games I want that are already out: Syndicate, SSX, Max Payne 3, Darksiders.

  2. I'm sure everbody know's how this goes. List games you think deserve a sequel.

    I'll start

    1. Shenmue - The story simply needs an ending!

    2. Vectorman - If done in vein of Super Metroid, this game can sell

    3. Rival Schools/ Project Justice- Capcom needs another key fighter other than Street Fighter. (at least a rerelease would shut me up!)

    4. Jet Set Radio - I have yet to meet a person who doesnt like this franchise. GET ON IT SEGA!

    5. Alien Soldier - I would love an HD update to this obscure title.

  3. Bioshock at #3 really!? I understand that this game tells a great story but there are many games that do. I'm all for it being on the list but at #3!? Ahead of half-life no less. I always review lists with an open mind but this pick is pretty bad in my opinion.

  4. Jet Force Gemini, easily. How we made it this far without a remake or updated version is beyond me. I'd also like a remake of RE2, arguably the greatest survival horror game ever.

    I'm honestly shocked Jet Force Gemini hasn't seen a XBLA release like the rest of Rare's games.

  5. Just throwing out an idea. Lets have a section dedicated showing off game rooms and individual collections. Also, have some tips and guides for buying, selling, and archiving. Basically a section for serious collectors.

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