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  1. Youtube makes it difficult to remember, as watching somebody play a game plays a bit of havoc with your memory of whether it was you playing or not.
  2. Spacetime machine with predestination paradox resolution so I could be a person capable of enjoying things, instead of a walking corpse with the ghostly desires befitting a lich. Barring that? It takes energy for me to compose such a list. No photos. A large swath of land not too distant from a highway leading to "civilization" far from a leftist hive, and a modest home to set upon it. Enough funds to live well, without having to kill myself at work. A decent Internet connection. A laboratory for my science projects. A workshop for my mechanical projects. A computer lab for the most nightmarish daisy chain of computers imaginable.
  3. Yeah, Time Killers was terrible, and all anybody ever did in it was play as Rancid, and button mash until they did his spinning chainsaw attack at neck level for an easy win.
  4. I think I bought a PS4 right after my post in this thread. It's basically a Yakuza and Sonic Mania machine, though it's been collecting a thick coating of dust as of late. No other new acquisitions, though.
  5. Wabbit is surprisingly impressive, as are Tomcat and Space Shuttle. It'll likely be a while before I bother hooking up the 2600 and playing anything again, though.
  6. Yeah, but I've been bitten for not future-proofing with odds and ends before. Buy once, cry once, as they say in the world of rifle scopes. While I'm not the biggest SNES fan, it's not like I can find shoeboxes full of decent games for a buck each at yardsales anymore.
  7. Oh, and anyone who recommends using a "magic eraser" needs to be erased. That destroys surfaces.
  8. I'm just going to get an SD2SNES. Already ordering the empty cart for it, and thinking up label designs that don't look like ████. Almost everything Nintendo does drives me to spite them.
  9. The octopus scene from the Goonies, and hell, ALL of the background character development from Monster Squad.
  10. I still don't have an HDTV. The only TV I own is a decent CRT that has been under one of my desks for almost a decade, which I keep just in case I want to play a lightgun game or something. I've been using capture cards for ten years to watch tapes and laserdiscs, and to play any game systems that aren't HDMI capable. I even have to split off the audio while using HDMI as I use HDMI to DVI to play the stuff on my monitor. A TV could be useful to me, but I just CBA to buy one as I never watch TV.
  11. Barely readable with the new default theme. Anywho, the untold part of the problem is the dramatic increase in single parent, single-earner homes, and the complete lack of demand in first world countries for unskilled or low-skilled laborers. A single mother isn't necessarily going to have the money to buy junior a new PlayStation. Also toss in the simplification of games to prevent negative reviews on social networking, and the ability to shovel them out onto the iPhones that every brat has to have the most expensive version of, and you have another nail in the coffin of traditional video gaming. It just keeps getting more grim, the more you look into everything that has even a tangentially negative impact on the prosperity of electronic gaming.
  12. Late year 2D spritework was pretty much perfected, and it was butting up against early 3D, so it's not quite a fair comparison.
  13. I've lost nine friends in the past six or so years from respiratory infections, complications caused by neural implants, and cardiopulmonary issues aggravated by constant distress, and only three of them had someone inform the (same) community they were a part of, of what had happened to them.
  14. This is a complex situation, and this is my understanding of it. People who spent a large portion of their time consuming media without actually studying it, have been placed where they can now create this content, be it films, television, literature, or in our case here, games. The problem is, they don't have the skills or knowledge to form a complete project. Like how fans of the Simpsons now write the show, and no matter your taste, the show stopped being good a long time ago. People will just copy a few keystones from the original material, and do a poor job of building the rest of the arches. You see this in "retro" games made by complete hacks, in varying pixel and sprite sizes on the screen at the same time (no visual consistency), random music that could go anywhere (lack of compositional sense), and poor play control (poor math skills, copypaste code). In summary, it seems like the new guard, barring a talented few, are just aping the greats of the past without all of the study and training that those people went through to become great.
  15. Video games. I only play once in a while, though. Movies are largely irredeemable trash. Same goes for TV and comics.
  16. I don't care for modern Apple for myriad reasons, but iCloud is a godsend for a lot of people, so long as they don't allow it to save their passwords and financial information. I'd not deprive less-technologically-savvy people a simple means of preserving photos and such, since the idea of owning a desktop computer has been largely put down. Banks are largely easygoing for their customers when it comes to fraud and hijacking. Fax a police report to the main office, and your money is back within a few days. That kind of safety net leaves people to be a little too complacent. People (and corporations) are reactive with security issues, no matter how much money or effort it would save to be proactive. In fact, be careful about pointing out holes in security in your own workplace. That tends to be frowned, or even angrily glared upon.
  17. They're proactively taking down "problematic" videos that go against the media narrative. Less obvious issues are Google de-monetizing videos that criticize the mainstream media, even by providing examples of its dishonesty. If you can't get away with banning popular rabble-rousers from your services, just choke them out by not paying them for the advertisements you put on their popular comment, and deny companies that would support these people from having their advertisements on your network. Basically, small content producers get banned and all of their videos get disappeared, larger ones get de-monetized so they can't spend as much time researching and producing content, and both get slapped with false claims of hate speech, copyright infringement, and other malarkey that Google allows with impunity if the people doing it are unassailable. Remember when Sega issued takedowns on any video that even mentioned Shining Force?
  18. It's never your privacy that you should be concerned about. It's the surreptitious planting of evidence. A judge is not going to have the idea that someone with an axe to grind remotely loaded a bunch of horrible pictures and videos onto your computer and phone while you were asleep. I mean, it's not as if people spin up an absurd tapestry of lies and sic the ever-increasingly-militarized police on people for laughs or anything.
  19. Your home, if you should be so fortunate as to own one, should be your refuge from the billions of eyes and ears of the corporations. Ask Alexa if it is connected to the CIA, for a laugh.
  20. JDownloader and other similar programs are essential now that Google is on a massive censorship blitzkrieg. I also need to properly figure out how to make webms that don't look like Russian VHS rips encoded in RealVideo.
  21. I seem to have purchased an HD Genesis, but I have yet to plug it in and compare its sound with a Genesis 2.
  22. Video games are there to fill in the gaps between doing things that may be considered more worthwhile. Trying to play them just because they exist is a quick way to burn out.
  23. Their website is still a charlie foxtrot. They've failed in not making the Usborne Book of the Future the most visible title on the site.
  24. The situation is worse than they're letting on. Look into what's under the plant, and who designed and constructed it in the first place.
  25. Had a list, but the board programming made the browser cough up its intestines and then whined about character formatting.
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