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  1. Thanks E-Day and kitsunebi77 1) That means that this is the final EGM issue ever published: EGM 2016 Buyer's Guide (Special Issue #05) - Display until 01/15/2016 2) Apparently it came with two different covers: ( www.retromags.com/forums/topic/7085-electronic-gaming-monthly-is-it-dead/?page=16#comment-50706 ) ( www.retromags.com/gallery/image/7122-electronic-gaming-monthly-special-issue-05-fall-2015/ ) Can you confirm 1) and 2) ?
  2. Where are the covers of EGM's most recent issues posted? (and which is the actual issue?)
  3. Will the EGM Index ( www.retromags.com/publications/category/united-states/electronic-gaming-monthly ) be updated? Because the latest issue there dates from 2013...
  4. Info: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/TeleMatch PDF archive: http://archive.org/details/telematch Covers & Reviews: http://de.videospielzeitschriften.wikia.com/wiki/TeleMatch
  5. Rest in Peace, GamePro. We will be missing you.
  6. Hi ! Does anyone have issues of this mag? You can find the covers and some info on the german site kultboy.com. I read the first ever issue back then, but lost it. Would be great to add this to the international section. Best regards.
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