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  1. Almost all music from Square is very good. I made another miditune and uploaded it to YT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAlUq7sSNmo Then i like almost all music from Namco. Ridge Racer, Tekken etc.
  2. Which game music do you like? I just made this and uploaded. I will upload more midi game-music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgJtI2VQc_g
  3. I know that the quality isn't that great but it's worth to download anyway because i never bought Zzap 64 and can't get them any other way. I bought most magazines except C64 magazines, sad enough. When i get a scanner i will scan and upload some of my huge collection of computer magazines. OT I download lots of comics too. For real old comics try Golden Age comics http://goldenagecomics.co.uk/ You can find most of these comics as torrents too, it saves lots of work.
  4. Streetfighter Alpha - Arcade Rush II - N64 Boulder Dash - Atari 800 Fighters Megamix - Sega Saturn Sonic II - Sega Genesis
  5. Lots of magazines as torrents http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28889 (Downloading all issues of Zzap 64 right now) Lots of C64 magazines here http://www.bombjack.org/commodore/magazines.htm And Amiga Magazines http://www.bombjack.org/commodore/amiga-magazines.htm
  6. I will link to your blog from my blog. My music and my blog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRgjVwcXEEA Whaddayanow, a posting about Retro Mags (embedded link in the picture) http://synesteten.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/ladda-hem-datatidningar/ About me http://synesteten.wordpress.com/about/ Some of my clips http://synesteten.wordpress.com/about/mina-klipp-pa-youtube/ Retrogaming department (pictures) http://synesteten.wordpress.com/retrogaming-bilder/ Retrogaming department http://synesteten.wordpress.com/category/svenska-blogginlagg/gamla-spel-datorer/ I will translate much of it to english soon.
  7. I have converted lots of pdf to cbr by now, novadays i don't care if the site don't have any cbr's because it's easily fixed with this utility. The best thing is that anyone easily can convert a pdf file to a standard cbr in no time. Perfect for batch converting lots of pdf files at once. Okey, you can get fullscreen using Foxit reader but it's still much slower and less flexible then to use Cdisplay to read magazines. If you don't have Foxit reader, try it out, in my opinion the best pdf reader for Windows. http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader/
  8. Sounds like a good idea. Then anyone can quickly convert their pdf magazines to cbr instead.
  9. I have converted around 30 of my own pdf files right now and it seems to work great.
  10. Oh, i forgot to tell you I have viruschecked this app in avast and it's free from any malware. Even the sourch files is there so it must be some sort of open source app. And, you can actually batch convert lots of pdf files at once if you want. Just choose as many as you like using the shift or crtl button when you select pdf files to process. I converted all my swedish Joystick magazines into .cbr at once.
  11. Want to convert PDF to CBR? I just tested this small app in Windows 7, works great. I uploaded it so you can try it too. http://www.speedyshare.com/files/26858394/pdf2cbr.zip But it only converts picture pdf files such scanned magazines into regular cbr files. Just dubbelclick on "pdf2cbr.exe". Then choose the pdf file you want to convert After a few seconds you will find the .cbr file in the same folder as the orginal pdf file.
  12. Some information The first computer mag i ever bought was "Min Hemdator" (my home computer) in 1983 when i bought myself a Vic 20. Just weeks after there were at least 4 different computer magazines on the swedish market. All of them were pretty basic in the beginning and used much of their material from the american and british magazines. I bought all of them just to read about the new exciting thing going on, computers and games. Vic 20 was called "folkdatorn" (the peoples computer) in Sweden. The first english magazine i bought was a magazine from UK, Your Computer. Swedish Sega Force is one of my favourite magazines of all times. It was insane funny to read because they had plenty of humour in just about every review. We're talking true british style of ironic and sarcastic humour. Some of the reviews was hilarius fun to read and they called SNES for "the big grey box" and NES for "the little grey box" just to annoy all Nintendo owners. Your Sinclair had a similar type of humour and was very enjoyable to read even if i didn't bought myself a Sinclair Spectrum. Computer mags means a lot to me and they was just as fun and important as the games themselves, me think. If i find more links to other sites i will post them here. And when i get a scanner i have a huge collection of both swedish and foreign magazines to scan.
  13. Some scanned issues of swedish Sega Force http://ramis.mine.nu/segaforce/
  14. Look what i found. http://www.stonan.com/dok/ Real old swedish scanned magazines. Joystick was one of my favourite magazines in the early 80's.
  15. You can always use XnView or similar to do some quick batch job to make most pages look a bit better. World of Spectrum has plenty of interesting magazines such complete collections of Your Sinclair, Sinclair User, Crash, The Games Machine, Your Computer and similar. When i get hold of a descent scannner i will scan lots of older swedish magazines from 1983 and forwards. Btw, good idea for a site, the computer magz was one of the best things with the good old days. Btw, one folder says "Swedish Sega Force", it's in english and not the swedish version of that magazine. I happend to have some scanned issues of swedish Sega Force that i can upload later.
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