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  1. rebuilding his PC ... lot of work.

  2. Hey everyone! Hope to be back here a bit more frequently. Anyways, I had an interest check question. The last time I recall, there was not a huge interest in doing strategy guides here, just magazines. I have something though that might fit the bill ... not the strategy guide in the sense we think of it now, but a gaming book that deserves to be archived. OLD video game strategy books! I'm thinking specifically of the Jeff Rovin stuff, or the Ultimate Unauthorized collections. The book in front of me specifically is the Super NES 1994 edition. I don't have the time to scan this stuff. I am a new dad after all, but if there is interest from those who are more skilled in the art of scanning, I will happily send this to them to have at it. This particular book is about 300 pages in a half-letter format. Any takers? Is this something that is wanted?
  3. Tough topic! I'll go with these: * Virtua Tennis * Power Stone (1 and 2) * Soul Calibur * NFL 2K1 / NBA 2K1
  4. Where ya been slacker? :)

  5. I used to have a ton of pre-order stuff from working at Game Stores. Prolly the funniest thing I have is more of a tub of stuff ... a Rubbermaid tub full of Soul Calibur 2 T-Shirts! When a friend and I helped open a store, we got 2 HUGE boxes of T-Shirts to promote the game. We sold as many as we could, and had a full box left, that we split between the two of us. The shirts are all still in my garage. Might give 'em away at some point.
  6. Work pipe: Home pipe: (Coming soon)
  7. This may be a touchy subject, but hey, it's another manual repository, so it's good for all .. Is The Game Manual Archive dead and gone?
  8. Got a perfect game, will post picture shortly for the proof.
  9. I still have a lot of the early issues posted at one of the larger file storing repositories (GigaSize), and can post fresh links if you want them, as well as more issues.
  10. I would presume they're talking about things like Wireless bridges, right? I wonder if this sets them up for using anything like the Nintendo Wi-Fi dongle for such a use.
  11. You also may want to check the Nintendo Power session, as I believe that issue should be downloadable on the web share links we have too.
  12. I'll be sure and post to those locations too. My preference is to post to multiple places so that people have the most options, and i'll use those too.
  13. Well, sadly Nero is what I tend to use. You could in theory cheat by using DVD Shrink not to "shrink" files, but to instead take a directory of VOB files, and then push them into a compliant ISO file, and then use whatever the heck you want.