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  1. Like Sb20, I thought of you guys first when I saw the news. There's one thing nobody has been willing to say yet, so I'm gonna say it. The copyright nazis (yes, that's what they are) have gotten to a point where they think they can do whatever they want with no consequences. And now they've shown that they're no better than terrorists. But they do not own the internet and they do not own us. However you do it, you MUST find away to make this site's contents available again. You cannot let them win. Whether the publishers appreciate it or not, you guys provide a valuable service by being THE archive for gaming literature and anyone with an interest in gaming history owes you a HUGE debt of gratitude. If you give up and let the site die and fade away, it's likely that no one else would ever try again on the scale that you have and much of what you've collected here would be lost forever. You cannot let that happen. One possibility is that you could sidestep the lawyers by claiming that you make the material available for the purpose of historical research, something the publishers have been unwilling to do thus far. If you could find a way to legitimize what you're doing, like an online library of sorts, that could go a long way towards making sure that this stuff is preserved properly. Don't quit on us now. Do the right thing. For what it's worth, in the wake of the MU shutdown, the vote on PIPA (which would have been on Tuesday) has been postponed. Here's hoping it never gets voted on.
  2. Retroguy

    Movie Purchases!

    I just got Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on Bluray. Hands down the best fantasy film since Lord of the Rings. I think it did so well because people recognized that it's a proper fairy tale. This is what fairy tales used to be before they all had to be cleaned up and sanitized. It's a nice change of pace.
  3. Megaupload is still giving me trouble. Does anybody here know what the problem might be?
  4. Thanks. If I can get people reading my blog, it'll make it easier to get my book published.
  5. Hey! I just started a blog all about retrogaming. The focus is on retrogame reviews, but I will also ocasionally review movies, TV shows and comic books based on videogames (or with gaming as a theme). The url is here. Check it out and tell your friends!
  6. I seem to be having technical difficulties. I usually download the mags two or three at a time, and today I was trying to download Nintendo Power issue 69 but megaupload wouldn't let me. It said I already had a download in progress, but I didn't. Before that, I was trying to download the issue but got an error message saying the download timed out. I reloaded the page to try agsin (which has always worked before) and that's when the trouble started. Am I doing something wrong or is megaupload just acting up today?
  7. I really liked Dragon Spirit by Namco. A really interesting take on the shmup genre. I also have a soft spot for Double Dungeons. I'm a sucker for maze games.
  8. I would love to see a Wii or DS remake of Bonk's Adventure. That game was hard, but it was a ton of fun, one of the best games the Turbo ever had.
  9. I just scored a Game Gear on ebay. It comes with 16 games and a nice carrying case to hold it all. With shipping I paid $31. Sweet deal.
  10. Hi all! Retroguy here! I'm 27 and I'm currently writing a book on videogames, focusing on the pre-Playstation era. The book is going to have two parts. The first part (which I'm writing now) is me playing a bunch of old games and reviewing them. The challange there is finding something interesting to say that will fill more than half a page (I'm a very concise writer). When I get to it, the second part of the book will be a series of essays on gaming history (for example, an essay discussing the making of Dragon's Lair and comparing the various console versions of it). I wanted to thank you guys for hosting such a great website. This is the most awesome research material I could have ever hoped to find. I'd love to give you guys a shoutout on the acknowledgements page, but I'm concerned that the copyright nazis will shut you down if I do. What do you think? Incidentally, I have some Atari 2600 game catalogs that I'd like to contribute to the site, but I don't know where they are right now. I'll let you know when I find them.