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  1. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    House, and Football (though kinda wish I never watched the latter last night....)
  2. Recommended Cdisplay Settings

    Will have to give these settings a try. Always hard finding ones that suit. /looks great
  3. Getting The Most Out Of Old Hardware

    They probably started on Vista as soon as it was released, it's still booting Whoops, nope it has crashed on the Welcome to Vista screen.
  4. Getting The Most Out Of Old Hardware

    Slowest for me was a K6-2 450 with 192mb, was pretty usable if you just stuck with the basics, trimmed the services, removed everything from MSconfig and used the classic look. Still wasn't great, but was stable.
  5. 1st Mario Bros. Level Created With Doom Engine

    I want this! Though I'll probably only give it a quick go and then get bored of it.
  6. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    Just posted a review under the same username as I use here.
  7. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    Xbox, and I love it. XBMC, and emulators Next one I want is a chipped PS2.
  8. Guitar Hero Ii (80's Rock)

    I wish they had added in some more songs, some power pop/new wave etc It's still fun though, especially if you get it on the cheap.