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  1. Changes To The 5 Year Rule!

    am I crazy, or are there a bunch of posts missing from this thread? I KNOW I've posted in here already..... And what happened to the "to be deleted" section? I thought you said it was gonna get deleted at the end of February, but I don't see it right now
  2. Hardest Part Of Any Mario Game

    I never had any trouble with the Awesome stage. Tubular, on the other hand....even with a blue yoshi. I always had a lot of trouble in level 6-2 in SMB2. The one where the whole level is jumping from albatross to albatross.
  3. Nintendo Power Issues?

    Thanks, I'll do some uploading when I get home from work. I'll also doublecheck about those posters and maps. Is anyone else interested in getting the entire NP collection finished? NP was always by far my favorite of the video game magazines, and is great for reading back issues, both for the detailed reviews (which often include maps and full walkthroughs) and for the pop culture/cheeziness of the features and articles. For the most part I have every issue from 1 to 200 in some state, but I may be missing some posters, etc myself, and as a policy I don't upload issues anywhere until they are 100% edited and in a final state. I know for a fact that issue 6 (with TMNT on the cover) and some other older issues still need a better scan......they're readable, but have the margins cut out on some pages.
  4. Nintendo Power Issues?

    I have a BUNCH of Nintendo Power issues which I've finished up in the last couple weeks. However, when I asked for help in how to upload them to the site, my request was ignored, so they've just been keeping me company now.....
  5. Nintendo Game Atlas

    The Game Atlas for NES, and all of Nintendo's official Game Boy/SNES guides have been scanned. Not all are retromags releases, but I can help you out if there are any others you need. Mario Mania was one of the first things I ever scanned. However, I didn't debind it and therefore some of the margins are cut off. It should be fine if you want to read it for the maps though.
  6. Slashdot

    Hmm, [censor bypass] was working for me the other day, but I'm having no luck connecting to it either. 420, who used to be one of the best scanners on this site, was handling his strategy guide scan project through that site, so I hope he finds a new place to continue it. I plan on releasing a Nintendo Power issue 1-200 torrent once I actually finish that project. Anyone want to help? I know I'm not the only person with old Nintendo Powers laying around.....
  7. Anyone Here That Wasn't Born In The Nes Age?

    Born in 1980, the Atari 2600 age. I never had an Atari, but I had some friends that did...the NES was my first video game system, and remains my favorite.
  8. To Re-scan Or Not?

    If you still have magazines which have not been scanned at all, I would make those your priority, over rescanning issues which are already very presentable. Honestly, I don't know why you'd even want to rescan them when the first versions look almost perfect already. I've rescanned two Nintendo Power issues, but in both cases I did not scan the original one, and a horrible job was done on them (almost unreadable pages which are crooked or cropped wrong), so much that I wanted a replacement version ASAP.
  9. Upon reviewing my scan, I'd rather not. This was one of the issues I scanned with the spine intact, and some of the text is cut off from the margins....not something that can be fixed in photoshop. For a mag like this where the maps matter more than the text, it isn't that critical, but it still could deserve a better scan.
  10. The Super Mario World players guide is actually called Mario Mania, which has a 32 page feature of the history of Mario before the strategy guide starts. That was one of the first things I ever scanned for this project....it should be on this site somewhere.....
  11. Thanks. This issue will be ready to upload as soon as I have those 7 pages. I even held onto my raw scans if somebody wants to make an unjoined version of it. Hmm, now it's legal on this site, maybe I'll upload issue 169 next.
  12. *BUMP* cmon, at least one of you has to have NP 168. It's only 7 pages I need scanned!
  13. Thank You Page Issue

    How would it be BETTER to have it at the beginning? The cover of the issue should be the first thing that shows up when you open the file. Rename the file to zzthankyou.jpg and there shouldn't be any problems with any program.
  14. What Is Your Computer Specs?

    Manufactured By / Computer Model: Built by me - ASUS something motherboard OS: Windows Vista x64 Ultimate CPU: AMD Athlon 64-X2 4200+ Screen: Dell 2405FPW 24" @ 1920x1200 --- even more of a reason why Nintendo Power scans look better with 2 pages side by side! Graphics Card: on-board ATI Radeon X1250 w/512MB Sound Card: on-board Realtek HD, connected to Aiwa AV-D58 5.1 system via optical. Also have a Sound Blaster Audigy but I only use it for the midi and firewire ports. Hard Drive: WD 320GB SATA WD 500GB SATA Memory: 4GB
  15. I scanned Nintendo Power issue 168 (May 2003-Golden Sun) a while ago, but since this site has a 5 year rule, I won't be able to upload it until tomorrow. I made a little screw up when I scanned it, so that some of the page numbers were saved with the wrong names, and because of that, I am missing a couple pages from this issue. Since I didn't edit this issue right away, and threw away the original pages, I wasn't able to fix this. The pages are 46, 109, 110, 111, 112, 118, 119. 46 was part of Army Man, and the others were Epic Center and Pokecenter. If somebody could please scan those pages and get them to me, I will be able to release the entire issue immediately, or as soon as we get to May 2008