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  1. Torrents Or Downloads?

  2. Final Fantasy 3 Preview (ds)

    Very nice indeed. Although I do remember playing the NES version, on an emulator. And if I remember correctly, didn't the NES version start out with 4 kids at the beginning?
  3. Torrents Or Downloads?

    Thanks. I managed to find out a few things after reading around.
  4. Request For Egm #1-53

    Does anybody have a torrent or anything for EGM issues #1-53? My brother has some other issues, but I never seen the old ones, except for December '91 (issue #29). Much help would be appreciated.
  5. Recommended Emulators

    ZSNES for Super Nintendo games; Kega Fusion for Genesis games.
  6. Torrents Or Downloads?

    I'm new here, and I found out about this site while reading a post at another forum. Where can I download a torrent or whatever for these old gaming magazines?