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  1. I have a problem in viewing the .cbr files (Magazines i.e. Game Pro) with the cbr viewer CDisplayEx. When I configure to view the Magazine in Double Page View the pages are not displayed corectly - The Right page is displayed on the Left page and the upcoming page (The Left page) is displayed on the Righ page. This is very anyoning when there is a Video Game commercial wich is displayed on the Two pages I never see them properly on the two pages - I see one Page of the Commercial and the other page is from the next page. The pages are so messy with the CDisplayEx with the .cbr files. With The .pdf files opened with Foxit Reader there arent any problems with the Double Page View because there is a option "Show Cover Page During Facing" and with this option the pages are showed in the Right Place. But there arent GamePro in .pdf format on the Retromags. Even if there are GPs in .pdf what about the other Magazines that are in .cbr? Can you help me to view this Magazine in .cbr properly in Double Page Mode? I've tried everything (in the "Options") in the CDisplayEx v1.8 to see this as it should be but nothing... Is there other Good .cbr Viewer to download? Please help !
  2. Have you readed my last post about Neo Geo Freak scans? Please go to this link:


    I've make a deal with the scaners...

  3. Hi Areala Yes, this scans from the Magazine Neo Geo Freak are from the site www.neogeoforlife.com . The Magazines are scaned from merlin and Meppi. I've take a time to ask him if they would add a permission to someone upload this magazines to Retromags. I've asked both of them. merlin who is owner of 13 Scaned Neo Geo Freaks Mags said to me that is not a problem to upload her scans to Retromags. You can view her reply at this link: http://www.neogeoforlife.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=3178 Meppi who is owner of just two Neo Geo Freak Mags disagreed to give his scans to Retromags. You can view his comments at this link: http://www.outofprintarchive.com/forum/index.php?topic=1061.0 But it's not a big deal because you can upload the merlins 13 scannes on Retromags. You will miss just 2 (two) Magazines. So go to this link and Download those 13 Mags from merlin and upload them to Retromags. Here is the link: http://www.neogeoforlife.com/downloads.php?cat_id=6 Thank you for your time and I hope you will increase more your Magazine Scannes in the Future. Best wishes
  4. Hi, Before a couple of years there are a couple of Neo Geo Freak Magazine scannes on this site. Now they are gone :( I dont know why Retromags writes Neo Geo Freak in the Magazine selection when they dont have the Magazines.The same case is with other Mags like Diehard GameFan and few others... When you dont have the magazines then dont put the link for nothing...or the Mag-Companies dont let you to put their Magazines on your site? On the web I found very good scans of Neo Geo Freak Jap Magazines. If you want to have this magazines on your site I will tell the URL of that site to download them and put that Mags on your Site. I know that I may to do this Job (to upload them) but I havent no more space on my Very-full 80 GB Hard Disk. (I even didnt download them all on My HDD). Tey are 15 Mags from 1996 and 1997 year. So if you want them just write in this topic.