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  1. Nintendo Player's Guides Project

    I've just got Yoshi's Story (N64) and Pikmin (not on the list for GC). The Gameboy Camera Funtograph. Guide isn't a player's guide, but it does say "Official Guide from the pros at Nintendo Power" on the top. Don't know if that qualifies.
  2. Nintendo Player's Guides Project

    Yeah, it does exist. Here's a picture of the cover from a scan of page 11 of the NP Super Power Supplies Catalog from Spring 1996: I wonder if anyone has the Nintendo Power Index sheets from the catalogs?
  3. Nintendo Player's Guides Project

    I've looked through my collection and I've got a 'Gameboy Camera Funtography Guide' (not on the list from what I could see), the 'Pokemon Special Edition for Red, Yellow, or Blue,' and I've decided to scan the Final Fantasy III guide for the greater good. I'd get more satisfaction contributing it to the effort than letting it sit in my closet. :grin:
  4. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    As I was reading this, a tiny spider ran across my desktop and jumped underneath my '0' key. I am not joking.
  5. Newsbot Spam?

    Is the newsbot something that is put into the site here or is it spamming retromags? There seem to be a ton of unrelated topics the past couple of days.
  6. Nintendo Player's Guides Project

    Someone just upped the SMB RPG guide at undergroundgamer. If you guys aren't members, I can send it to you. It's almost 90 megs. The only problem is that it's not that good of a scan (pages are off center a little, soiled/beat-up pages).
  7. Nintendo Player's Guides Project

    Does anyone know of a way to scan player's guides without them being destroyed? I've got the Final Fantasy III and Super Mario RPG guides in mint condition that I've had for 10 years that I'd like to scan, I just definitely don't want to debind them or break their spines. Like, is there a scanner glass page thing that you can insert into a book? (probably not) Or maybe some other ingenious solution?
  8. Old Pc Suggestions Wanted

    About the problem with getting files back and forth. You could get a program I know of called Link Maven and make (or buy, but I know you don't want to spend any more money on it) a laplink cable. It goes into your parallel port, looks like a regular parallel cable, but is wired differently on the inside. I made my own makeshift cable by getting some solid-core wire (not stranded), following a pinout and wiring from the back of an old pc into a female parallel cable. :fear: (yes, I'm a ninja) The solid core wire is flexible and will stay put. But, I guess a more permanent solution is to get two cables (1 male end/1 female end), wire up the two female ends and secure the patched wires with an adhesive or tape wrappings. If you need more information, I'd be happy to help. That's one solution. The other (which I've just done this past week with an old 233mhz) is to buy a USB card. On, I bought a 4-port USB 2.0 PCI card for $9.00 w/free shipping (came in like 4 days).
  9. Nintendo Bit Generations

    Games are all headed towards super-realism, and high resource requirements. It's very nice to see simpler, addictive games come out again that aren't on Yahoo! Games,etc. (those annoy me like crazy becayse they're all variations on jewel puzzle games). Game designers should go back and try designing games for older hardware or hardware with fewer goodies to test their art, kind of like how we think it's neat sometimes to make a movie in black-and-white nowadays. You should see what Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island anyone?) has to say about that here: Ron Gilbert Interview at Designer Threads on
  10. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hello everyone, I'm a 23 year old college student, aspiring to be a game designer when I grow up. :whistling: I've played games since 1985 (Anyone remember the TRS-80?) And, nearly wet my pants in 1996 when I discovered Nesticle. I'm a right-brain-left-brain kind of person with a wide variety of interests in both arts and sciences (I compose music and write code). I've become a collector of games and game related stuff and came across this site through a public torrent tracker with the huge nintendo power release. I partly justify my file-sharing habits by viewing myself as a librarian And, someday hope to see a library/museum/archive-thing of game related stuff surface. Anyway, I dig the retromags intentions with scanning old video game mags and hope to contribute what I can in the future. Favorite quote: "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."
  11. Some Tink I Saw Last Night

    I've got one of those Nintendo 'red tent' VS. arcade games that I've been conveting into a MAME cabinet (kind of a modular upgrade that can be removed), but it's in pieces at the moment. Kind of confused as to how I want the wiring to be. But, when it's finished *rubbs hands* it'll be a great thing.
  12. Are You A Hardcore Retro Gamer?

    Well, then, we all have Wii tattoos (*boo! I know.*)
  13. Raided - Servers Seized

    What's funny to me is how the pirate bay is all stripped down of alot of torrents now, but torrent search sites that weren't that popular have now increased traffic. People will just move around, it's not as if they're going to be able to stamp it out entirely. If they decide to monitor traffic at the service providers, we'll go encrypted, sandwiching our file-sharing data in the middle of home-movies exchanges or something.
  14. The Brain Workout: In praise of video games

    Tetris helps with spacial awareness, knowing the sizes and shapes of objects and environments intuitively. Yay! Tetris helps me arrange furniture!
  15. Ps3 Vs. Wii

    Doesn't seem like Nintendo's style, but it's sums up what I hear everyone saying about the console battle. They wanted a PS3, but Wii is cheap, fun (Nintendo franchises), and innovative (controller). Oh and I heard that they were going to use the Opera internet browser for the Wii. Remember mouse gestures? I wonder if they're planning on using those with the Wii controller? Hmmm.. (not necessarily a selling point, but awesome nonetheless)