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  1. Thank you for that. Ironically someone sent me a video of him signing autographs from E3 1997 an hour before you replied.
  2. I need scanned pages that talk about the movie and other media like the animated video, live tour, anything but the video games. If it's on RetroMags let me know, I pretty much have every GamePro and EGM up to 1998 but I know many other issues like Diehard Gamefan and GamePlayers and EGM2 may have covered it.
  3. I spent $50 for them so I'd like some $$$ back even if it's just shipping. Get in touch.
  4. Please if anyone can help by uploading scans from these issues and more MK-related that are not on RetroMags on here would be appreciated. I do have scans that are MK-related from Blade, Sci Fi, and Black Belt I can share but through these forums when someone uploads an MK issue. Thanks.
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