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  1. Mediafire suspended my account. So all the download links no longer work. A lot of Retromags content will be lost as I do not have a back up of everything that was uploaded to the account. As I no longer have access to the email address I used for the account, so I have no idea why it was suspended. Mediafire has really turned to shit over the last year. It used to be unlimited storage for free accounts, now there is a 50 GB limit. And they also disallowed free users the ability to share split archives. Fortunately, I used split zip archives, which mediafire didn't notice as split archives. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted.
  2. You can find the July 1983 issue of Electronic Fun at the Digital Press Library. Here's the direct link: http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/electronic_fun/electronic_fun_jul83.pdf These aren't high quality scans, but they are readable.
  3. What do you mean by the links are blocked? What happens when you click on a link? Try removing "http://anonym.to/?" at the start of the links.
  4. My parents got me a Playstation back in Christmas 1996. MK Trilogy was one of the 3 games my parents gave me, along with NBA Live 97 and Triple Play 97. I was very disappointed with MK Trilogy. The load times were awful, and the computer AI was brutally difficult. I only played it a few times. If I remember correctly, the game retailed for $60, which was $10 to $20 more than the usual retail price for new playstation games at the time. 15 years later, I still feel guilty for asking my parents to buy this lousy game.
  5. A few people have complained about mediafire taking my files down. There might be a problem with the links, but all the files I originally uploaded are still there. I don't have the time to check all the links, so post any broken/not working ones here and I'll check them out.
  6. Do you remember which magazines you clicked on? I just tried various links from Edge, EGM, GamePro, and Nintendo Power (not logged into my mediafire account) and they worked fine.
  7. Every scan that E-Day and I have can be found here: http://www.retromags.com/forums/topic/7043-external-links-to-magazine-scans/ Isn't this a more viable option than downloading from newsgroups? As long as mediafire doesn't tank, the links will be working for years to come.
  8. Is there any I can get this thread pinned?
  9. Here is a list of scans that I don't have. E-day is missing all of these as well. So if you have anything on this list, please upload it. USA: Analog Computing: Issues 006-009, 015, 020-079 (KiwiArcader) Blip Issues 001, 003 (Phillyman) Color Computer Magazine Issues 002-010 (KiwiArcader) Electronic Games Issue 31 January 1985 Misc: 3DO Club News Issue 6 September 1995 (Phillyman) Bergsala 1991 (Phillyman) Computer Game Review Guide To 1830 (Phillyman) Consumer Software - November 1985 (s1500) UK: Computer Gamer Issue 025 (KiwiAracader) Commodore Computing International [1985 05] (KiwiArcader) Total Games Guide to Pokémon (1999) (wonderman) International: Club Nintendo (MEXICO) Issues 001-011 (Vladi) Nintendo-Magasinet (SWEDEN) Issues 003, 030, 035, 040, 041 (BarbieOnWeed) Super Power (SWEDEN) Issue 001 (Phillyman) Bits & Bytes 1987 08 (KiwiArcader) Club Nintendo (Slovenia) 4_1993 (mpx) Club Nintendo (Slovenia) 5-6_1993 (mpx) Famicom Tsushin ("Famitsu") #1, June 20, 1986 (reprint) (ccovell) Famicom Tsushin ("Famitsu") Volume 5, Issue 22, Oct 26, 1990. (ccovell) GameBoy Magazine 1989-8-4 (ccovell) Master - časopis za kompjutorske igre (Croatia) December 1994 (mpx) Pilot Video (Yugoslavia) Issues 001-003 (mpx) PlayJoy (Serbia) Issues 001, 002 (mpx) Score (Czech Republic) (mpx) Super Game Power Issues 001-028, 059 (bdois) The Stars of Famicom Games, a picture book (ccovell) When I'm Sixty-Four Issue 01 (ShockSim) Strategy Guides: Rogue Trip Vacation 2012 strategy guide (strikefile) REVIVE Sosei Perfect Guide (strikefile) D2 "Deep File" Guide Book (strikefile) "Kuro no Dansho" - The Literary Fragment - Guide Art Book (strikefile) "Kuro no Dansho" - The Literary Fragment - Guide Art Book II (strikefile) Flyers & Promotional Booklets: Blast Corps Comics (strikefile) Game Boy Brochure (Jake) Game Boy Brochure (unknown3125) Judge Dredd Poster Mag (strikefile) Killer Instinct Promo Comic (Eml81gLaCluS) Loaded Collector's Edition Comics (strikefile) Marvel Super Heroes OST Booklet + Spine Card (strikefile) Nes Brochure (unknown3125) NES Hardware Brochure (Jake) Nintendo Power of Choice Brochure (unknown3125) Nintendo Power of Choice Brochure (Jake) Nintendo Service / Troubleshooting Brochure (unknown3125) Nintendo Service / Troubleshooting Brochure (Jake) Re-loaded Collector's Edition Comics (strikefile) Sega Saturn Brochure (unknown3125) Sega Saturn Brochure (Jake) Sega Saturn Brochure Letter Size (unknown3125) Sega Saturn Letter Advertisement (Jake) Snes Brochure (unknown3125) Super Nintendo Brochure (Jake) X-Men Children of the Atom OST Booklet + Spine Card (strikefile)
  10. Do you remember to inverse telecline or deinterlace your video from a DVD source? I see a lot of interlaced video on youtube, like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdiHSjJB_Pk It looks terrible.
  11. I never tried AutoGK. Does AutoGK have built in support for opening mkv and mp4 files? I like to use VirtualDub and TMPGEnc Xpress (not free). Both of these programs will not open mp4 and mkv files on their own. You need to create a script with avisynth, and then open the script with VirtualDub or TMPGEnc. Handbrake does work with flash (flv) video input, so it's still useful. Virtualdub and TMPGEnc Xpress won't open flash video. Does AutoGK open flash video?
  12. I liked Handbrake too, until version 0.94 when they dropped support for outputting avi/xvid.
  13. Well, there's the process for converting an mp4 video to xvid, if anyone ever needs to do it. The process is the same for converting mkv (Matroska) video as well.
  14. This file contains VirtualDubMod, AviSynth, the Xvid codec, and lameACM. All are freeware programs. Virtualdubmod can only convert video AVI (generally MPEG4). It can't convert to DVD video (MPEG2). Many DVD players and current video game consoles will play back MPEG4. If you are looking to convert to DVD, then I just wasted an hour writing up this explanation. Anyway here are the files you need: http://www.mediafire.com/?2ylsdytmzg2dnhp Extract VirtualDubMod to your programs folder. Install AviSynth. Install Xvid (follow the special instructions if you have a 64 bit system). Extract lameACM to your programs folder. If you have a 32-bit computer, right click install on LameACM.inf. If you have a 64 bit system, follow the special instructions (HOWTO Install LAME-ACM) on x64). Open up the Example avisynth script I provided you with, and change the file location to where your video file is located on your hard drive. It's the part in quotations. Change the file extension from mp4 to m4v in the script. fps will be 29.97, 23.976 or 30 for NTSC, and 25 for PAL. You'll have to figure this out. Save the changes to your script. Open up VirtualDubMod. Go to "Open Video File" under the file tab and change "files of type" to AVIFile input driver. Now open the script you just created. Your video should open. Click on "Full Processing Mode" under the Video tab. Then click on compression under the video tab. Select Xvid MPEG-4 Codec and then click on configure. Change the Profile to "Advanced Simple @ L5). To keep it simple, change encoding type to "single pass". Make you're target bitrate approximately the same as the video bitrate of your source file. Click OK. Then click OK on the "select video compression" screen. Click on "Stream List" under the streams tab. Right click on the stream, and select "Full Processing Mode". Right click on the stream again, and click on Compression. Select Lame MP3. Click on "show all formats". If the audio of your source file is 48000 Hz, select 48000 Hz 128kbps CBR, Stereo. If the audio of your source file is 44100 Hz, select 44100 Hz 128kbps CBR, Stereo. You can change the bitrate if you want to. Just make sure you stick with CBR. I recommend you choose the bitrate closest to the audio bitrate of your source file. Click OK. Then Click OK on the "available streams" screen. Click on "Save As" under the File tab. Name your file, click save, and your video will be processed.