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  1. Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

    as long as you tell other people not to get you presents, then no.
  2. Casino Problems

    here for the last few days, every time i stop playing a game and submit the score, i get an error and am out all of my initial money and winnings. anyone else having this problem? has it happened before?
  3. How Big Is The Retromags Bank Account?

    that is quite the collection that he is selling.
  4. Captain N Heading To Dvd In 2007

    i remember watching that one as a kid, along with the super mario brothers cartoon. i think i will be definitely picking this one up.
  5. Wii Price And Launch Date!

    boy, it's nice to see that at least one of the "Next-Gen" consoles is keeping its price down in the affordable range. i'm still trying to figure out how to justify the cost of a xbox360 with my wife.......
  6. Tv On Dvd Poll

    if all you want us to count is legitimate DVDs, then all i can lay claim to the first 2 seasons of futurama
  7. Crikey, Steve Irwin Dies!

    i knew that sooner or later, some animal would get him.
  8. 6-film Star Wars Anniversary Dvd Box Set Planned

    that is just awsome, just plain awesome. i still have the original 3 on VHS (stole from my parents) and to this day, i still love to watch them.
  9. File Distribution

    glad we're on the same page now MBJ
  10. File Distribution

    blazer, i assumed you signed up. if you did, what is your id so i can add you to my buddy list.
  11. Download Magazines On Rapidshare.de!

    i tried to download some of those files, but rapidshare had already deleted them due to inactivity. could i point you to the topic i posted in "Help and Suggestions" about the firefox extension AllPeers. if you don't mind, could you try and distribute those files that way please.
  12. File Distribution

    i agree with you about releasing on public trackers to bring in membership, but i was thinking more along the lines of sharing files between members, such as scans that need to be edited, and maybe letting members download new releases with it instead of a public tracker as kind of a perk of being a member of the community.
  13. File Distribution

    i came across an interesting firefox extension today called AllPeers. The basic idea is that it allows you to share files with friends and family that you add to your buddy list. it uses the bitorrent protocal to distribute files, so it has the advantage of distributing bandwidth usage, but since it runs inside of the firefox browser, and you share files with you "buddies", it has no need for a central server, tracker, or client. if retromags members were to install it and add each other to their buddy list, then one could share files with the whole community, or just a few members, without the need to upload to an ftp server, or rely on someone else's tracker. all you have to do is leave firefox open to download files or let people download files from you, similar to what many of you already do with a bitorrent slient. read up about it here: http://www.allpeers.com/ personally, i think it could help the community. i have seen it mentioned in a few spots that help is needed editing scans to get them ready to release to the public. this would provide a rather easy way to share those files with only specific people without having to eat up server bandwidth transfering them to the server, and someone else downloading them. it would also allow new releases to be easily distributed to the retromags community before being released to the public on a bitorrent tracker. anyway, thats my 2 cents worth. i hope you guys will give it some thought.
  14. Ww

    that is what i might call it
  15. This Site Rocks

    it is cool